The blocks grow with the child - LEGO® Juniors

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Worried that your child has grown out of LEGO® DUPLO®, but is not ready for sets with small bricks yet? Are you wondering which set to choose now? There is a simple answer to that: LEGO® Juniors. This is a response to the needs of children who are too big for DUPLO, and for classic system bricks - still too small. Juniors will be perfect.

1. When the child grows out of blocks

You see how your preschooler is interested in the world. So why shouldn't bricks be the way to its development? This is where LEGO Juniors sets come in handy. Perfect for preschoolers from 4 years of age - the first system blocks, with instructions! It is also proud.

2. LEGO Juniors - we are building a system

Kindergarten is a very important stage in a child's development. Toddlers aged 4 to 6 learn a lot of new and exciting things. What's more - they do it quickly and efficiently. Therefore, they need new sensations and stimuli that will stimulate their development.

LEGO Juniors are just that. They are intended for girls and boys who have already mastered basic construction skills. Building is made easier by the fact that the bricks have been joined into larger pieces, which makes constructing faster.

Are you afraid that your child will be quickly discouraged? LEGO Juniors sets are designed so that children can learn from their knowledge and slowly enrich their manual skills. They can build large vehicles, cottages, shops, cars. The difficulty level is adjusted to the child's age, so the fun does not turn into an unnecessary race.

What's more, LEGO Juniors sets include - as well as other system sets - numbered bags with bricks and building instructions.

3. Adventure, hello!

Preschoolers will have fun with their first LEGO Juniors set. You can choose between "Mia's Animal Clinic" or "Police Helicopter Pursuit". Kids will love to take it to the next level in building, because they need a real manual and building system to build! So what can you play?

There are many possibilities, but the best is adventure. So play the role of the thief who stole the money and is chased by the police. You can hide where no one can find you - preferably in a tent made of two chairs. But remember - a law enforcement officer who has a real police helicopter at his disposal will be looking for you.

You can try to run away, but your chances are rather slim. Hide the money in the ambulance standing by the animal clinic and save yourself while you can. But what is that? Suddenly the ambulance starts to move. It helps sick animals. Fortunately, no one has yet realized that you hid the stolen money there.

A veterinarian in a nearby office has just started his work. He is getting ready to receive his first patients - he unfolds the test equipment, sets up the operating table, because he has several procedures planned for today. It will be a very busy day. The vet doesn't know what's going to happen to him yet. He doesn't even imagine what a huge find he will make in his ambulance.

And suddenly a phone call - it's a call for a sick rabbit. The ambulance has to go very fast to bring the pet, there is no time to waste. The vet enters the ambulance and… suddenly notices a bag full of money. She calls the police immediately. The helicopter takes off, the officers are on the scene after a while. They pick up the "find". But… they don't find the thief. Will the action be successful?

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