The silent killer attacks again. Two children poisoned themselves while bathing

Two of the children had CO poisoning while bathing. The incident took place in one of the apartments on the Majdanek Martyrs' Road in Lublin. The children were transported to the hospital. Doctors describe their condition as good.

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1. Poison gas

We hear more and more often about the tragic consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning. Chad is carbon monoxide, which is commonly known as the silent killer. It is this gas that binds more than 200 times faster with hemogliobin than oxygen. As a result, it very quickly causes hypoxia in the body. Every year we pay attention to it and every year there are more poisonings. In one of the apartments in Lublin there was almost no tragedy. Fortunately, the bathing children alerted that they felt unwell. A fire brigade and a medical rescue team arrived at the scene. Firefighters detected a concentration of carbon monoxide in the rooms, most likely coming from a stove used to heat water.

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Chad is an odorless and colorless gas that mixes with air and spreads very quickly. It is highly poisonous and enters the human body through the respiratory system, and then appears in the bloodstream. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause irreversible damage to the nervous system, heart, and even death.

Carbon monoxide sensor / 123rf

2. How to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

So how to prevent such situations that threaten health and even life? First of all, it is worth investing in a good sensor that detects carbon monoxide in the air. In addition, we must remember a few important things:

  • when you use a gas or coal stove or stove at home, you should always have a slightly open window in the apartment,
  • ventilate the apartment often and make sure that some windows are unsealed,
  • never block the ventilation grids,
  • remember to periodically inspect and clean the ventilation system and chimney pipes (every 3 months when using coal),
  • it is important that all heating installations and devices are installed by qualified persons,
  • we only use devices admitted for sale, with appropriate approvals.

It is also very important not to underestimate the symptoms such as dizziness and headache, vomiting, nausea, general weakness, increased heart rate, breathing problems. In such a situation, air the apartment as soon as possible and see a doctor.

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