They try to get the child to the school

- I am sure that if I had not given the principal an envelope with a large sum, my child would not have entered the state-run kindergarten - says Agnieszka. - There are places with us like medicine, and children are willing more and more - he adds. Agnieszka is not the only person who resorted to illegal measures. Parents try to "arrange" a place for their children, although they face criminal liability.

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Agnieszka lives in a small town. Her son, Hubert, has just turned 3, from September he will go to kindergarten. - To tell you the truth, I didn't even check how many places for kids were prepared with us. I decided that it was unnecessary. I just went to the management and said straight that I was hoping my son would get in. Motivation? An envelope with an insert - reports Agnieszka.

Matilda also decided to help happiness. - The kindergarten teacher at the facility where I want to send my daughter is my friend. I talked to her many times about it and it worked. The daughter is on the list of children who will start their adventure with kindergarten in September - the woman rejoices. While we were talking to her, she was on her way to get wine for the headmistress. This is a thank you for accepting your child into the facility.

1. Kindergarten for the chosen ones?

Recruitment to kindergartens is halfway through. In some cities it has already ended, in others it is still ongoing. Its date depends on the individual arrangements of the local government. And parents are doing their best to find a place for their child in their dream kindergarten.

Children who meet the statutory criteria (e.g. come from large families, are disabled) have the greatest chance of being admitted to a local government facility. Priority in admission to state kindergartens is given to several-year-olds whose parents are divorced or who are in foster care.

In addition to these criteria, each local government determines individual conditions on its own. Points can be obtained, among others for the fact that parents work or study a day, for their place of residence, for running a business. And it is with these criteria that parents most often do.

2. Widespread practice?

- We had a case when the girl's mother wrote in the recruitment survey that she was raising her daughter by herself, but her father came to take the girl to kindergarten - admits Ewelina, a kindergarten teacher in one of Lublin's kindergartens. - It aroused our vigilance, we decided to talk to this woman. It turned out that they were actually divorced, but dad was finishing work earlier and picking up his daughter - says Ewelina.

Joanna, a tutor of a group of five-year-olds at a kindergarten in Warsaw, adds that she has heard about similar cases many times. However, neither the kindergarten nor the office did anything about it. They decided that the parents had a purpose if they wanted to enroll their children in a specific kindergarten. It also happens that parents enter into the questionnaire that they are working, although it is not true. They increase their chances, because it is harder for the children of the unemployed to get in.

Until recently, parents who made false statements when recruiting a child to kindergarten were in no danger. They now have to sign a declaration that they are aware of the criminal liability. But does it do anything?

- It is a security measure for us - says Magdalena Buszman, head of the Department of Education and Sport at the City Hall in Bydgoszcz. - It's sad, unhealthy and unfair that parents try to mess with it.

The City Hall in Bydgoszcz also protects itself against manipulations. During the recruitment process, the parents expect a certificate of employment from the workplace. - We do not want ambiguous situations - says Magdalena Buszman.

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What does the Ministry of National Education say? - The chairman of the recruitment committee, which checks the accuracy of the documentation, may ask the local government to confirm the circumstances described in the declarations. The head of the commune, mayor or city president confirms this information within 14 days - explains Łukasz Trawiński from the Press Office of the Ministry of National Education.

If the office receives information that the parent has made an untrue statement, it may apply to other institutions for its verification. In turn, the Municipal Social Welfare Center may ask the office to check whether the parent is actually raising the child alone.

Many local governments don't. They trust their parents. - We cannot assume in advance that all parents are cheating - sums up Magdalena Buszman.

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