Cotillion. How to do it?

Cotillion is a misnomer for a national bow, which is a national symbol. It has the shape of a circular rosette. It is made of two colored ribbons - white and red.

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The cotillion is usually attached to the breast on Independence Day, although the tradition of wearing it is much longer. On the anniversary of the Constitution of May 3, 1972, men wore red and white sashes, and women wore white dresses with a red ribbon. It was then that the tradition of national colors was born, though informal at the time. In the following years, soldiers of the Polish Army wore white bows on their caps to symbolize the eagle, the Polish national symbol.

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In 1831, a resolution of the Sejm of the Kingdom of Poland officially recognized white and red as the national colors of Poland for the first time. The document also mentions bows, today known as cotillions.

1. Cotillion. When was it worn?

Today, the cotillion is most often attached to the lapel of a uniform or civilian dress during state ceremonies, e.g. on November 11. During official appeals, students also put it on.

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The national bow was pinned to the lapels of the uniform or cap during patriotic demonstrations and uprisings (including the November and January Uprising).

2. Cotillion or national bow?

The national bow should not officially be called a cotillion, which has a completely different meaning. It is a French word that means a group dance fun. During the event, dancers wear badges that are attached to their breasts. At the beginning of the game, its participants are separated and their task is to find their pair (people with the same cotillion).

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3. How to make a cotillion?

To make a national bow, you need:

  • 2 strips of red and white paper each (A4 length and shorter, approx. 10 cm)
  • red paper circle (diameter approx. 4 cm)
  • white paper circle (diameter approx. 2 cm)
  • glue
  • scissors

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Fold the two longer strips of paper (white and red) into an accordion (it should consist of 32 rectangles). Cut one piece on the side of the strips. Apply glue to the last rectangles of the white harmonica, put them on the red harmonica and glue their ends together. We turn the harmonica so that the white color is inside.

We cut a triangle on the two shorter strips.

On the folded out accordion, glue a white circle in the middle, and on the other side - red cotillos. We stick two shorter stripes on the bottom.

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