Oedipus King: Synopsis of Sophocles' Tragedy

Oedipus the king, a summary worth knowing about, is the tragedy of Sophocles. The experiences of the title character can be terrifying. He is touched by the irony of fate - whatever he does is approaching a catastrophe. How does his fate end?

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1. King Oedipus: short summary

Oedipus is in power in Thebes. The city was plagued by a plague. The ruler, caring for his people, sends Creon, his brother-in-law, to the Delphic oracle to find out why the gods have cursed the city.

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Creon returns with the news that the city has the killer of King Laius, who mysteriously died before Oedipus arrived. Until he is found and punished, the people of Thebes will not find peace. Oedipus decides to find the killer at any cost. She curses him.

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The truth turns out to be tragic. Tiresias, who came at the call of the king, tells Oedipus that he is the murderer. A shepherd from Corinth, from where the ruler of Thebes came from, also appears in the city. He confesses that Oedipus was not the legitimate son of Polybos of Corinth and Merope of Doryd. He was found in the mountains, where a messenger had left him (on the orders of Jocasta, Oedipus's mother, he was to kill the child). He was named Oedipus because his legs were swollen with the loops around his ankles.

Oedipus killed his father, Lajos. He then came to Thebes, where he married his own mother. In the face of the truth, Oedipus blinds himself and leaves Thebes. Jocasta commits suicide by hanging himself on a scarf.

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2. Who was Sophocles, the author of "King Oedipus"?

Sophocles is called the pride of the Greek theater. He lived in the years 496-406 BCE. He was a tragedian, a poet whose work fell on the golden age of Athenian culture. He received an excellent education. He is the author of about 120 tragedies and dramas, but only 7 works have survived to our times, incl. "Oedipus King", "Antigone" and "Elektra".

Sophocles introduced the third actor to the stage and painted decorations. He also limited the role of the choir.

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It is worth knowing that in the song "Oedipus in Colonos", Sophocles idolized Oedipus. The blind hero of the tragedy reaches the sacred grove on the Kolonos hill near Athens, where he is taken into the care of Theseus. He lives peacefully there, which allows him to suffer.

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