Which probiotics to fight the flu naturally?

Natural flu remedies have many supporters. This is hardly surprising as natural methods are effective. During the flu, we do not have an appetite, most often we lie in bed and do not eat anything. This is a basic mistake, because it is the right foods that give the body the strength to fight the disease. Foods rich in probiotics are perfect. If you don't know what a probiotic is, read on. You will also learn what to eat to help your body fight the flu. You will also learn about natural treatments and learn how to combat fever with home remedies.

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When you feel bones breaking, a headache, and a high fever for three days, the flu symptoms are the most common symptoms. When we notice the first symptoms of the disease, it is worth including in your daily diet foods that will stimulate the immune system. Thanks to this, the body will fight the disease faster.

1. Natural antibiotic - honey

There is a lot of scientific evidence that honey strengthens the human immune system. Honey contains many valuable vitamins and minerals. It is rich in biologically active substances such as rutin, inhibin and enzymes. Unlike antimicrobial drugs, which work against the bacteria present, honey is preventive. Therefore, it is worth reaching for a teaspoon of this miracle medicine at least once a day. You have to remember that honey does not like to be treated with boiling water. So if you like tea with honey, add it to the warm liquid.

Honey is one of the natural probiotics (123RF)

2. Garlic against bacteria

Garlic has the ability to fight bacteria that cause various infections. It is also an effective protection against complications after the flu or rhinitis. Its action is similar to that of some antibiotics. However, it has no side effects and is completely natural. If someone does not like the smell of garlic, it is worth knowing that parsley neutralizes it. In addition, it is also healthy, so it can be successfully combined with garlic.

3. Maybe a flu broth?

Chicken soup really helps with the flu. This has long been proven. Our grandmothers already used it to fight infections of the upper respiratory tract. And it was medically justified. When we cook a stock of meat, bones and vegetables, many valuable ingredients get into it. One of them is cysteine, which accelerates the expectoration of mucus and thus facilitates the removal of germs in the lungs and bronchi. In addition, the soup warms you up and allows you to replenish fluid losses caused by runny nose and sweat.

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Various scientific publications suggest that zinc has antiviral and antibacterial properties ....

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4. Natural probiotics

Probiotics naturally support the body's immunity. Therefore, during illness, our menu should be rich in dishes containing probiotics. These include fermented milk drinks that contain probiotic bacteria. Probiotics are live microbes that help fight pathogenic bacteria and improve the function of the immune system. It is worth introducing products rich in probiotics to our menu. They are perfect both during and after antibiotic treatment. They allow you to rebuild the proper functioning of the bacterial flora.

5. Fruits and vegetables for immunity

Fruits and vegetables are responsible for providing the body with vitamin C. It is also responsible for increasing our immunity. The greatest amount of vitamin C is found in rosehips, black currants and citrus. In vegetables, it is present in pepper, cabbage and green parsley. It is sensitive to high temperatures, so foods rich in vitamin C are best eaten raw.

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