The lighthouse keeper summarizes the novella by Henryk Sienkiewicz

"Latarnik", a summary that should be repeated before the eighth grade exam, is a short story by Henryk Sienkiewicz. It first entered the readers' hands in 1881, when it was published in "Niwa". On the basis of the work, a television film was produced in 1976, in which Józef Pieracki played the main role.

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1. "Lighthouse keeper" - summary

Skawiński works as a lighthouse keeper in the coastal town of Aspinwall. His life was full of difficult experiences. He fought for independence in the November Uprising. He also took part in battles in Spain, the United States, France and Hungary. He has worked in many professions. He was looking for gold in Australia and diamonds in Africa. He was also an Arkansas blacksmith and swam a harpooner on a whaler.

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The lighthouse keeper's work is to be quiet and to give the man a well-deserved rest. In solitude, Skawiński thinks a lot and reminisces about the old days, but he always carries out his duties conscientiously. He is fascinated by the surrounding nature. He admires the birds that appear near the lighthouse.

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One day Skawiński receives books together with a package of food. The collection also includes "Pan Tadeusz" by Adam Mickiewicz. The man was immersed in reading. Tired of reading, he fell asleep a stone sleep. When he woke up in the morning, he found he hadn't turned on his lantern, causing the boat to crash. Fortunately, no one was killed in the accident.

The lighthouse keeper was dismissed for his negligence. The reader learns that he went by ship to New York. And although the events of the lighthouse had an impact on his appearance (he had aged), “his eyes were only sparkling. For new ways of life, he also had his book on his chest, which he pressed with his hand from time to time, as if fearing that he and she would not perish ... "

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2. "Lighthouse keeper" - overview

The book that Skawiński received, which is a literary pearl of Polish Romanticism, shattered the man's peace. She awakened his old feelings. It intensified the longing for Poland, from which the lighthouse keeper had to leave and where he will most likely never come back. He was a political émigré sentenced to wandering around the world. He was not afraid to fight for his beloved country, which, however, had to leave due to the insurgent defeat.

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"Latarnik" by Henryk Sienkiewicz is a work which is a tribute to the literature of Romanticism. Its great strength and power is shown, but it turns out to be a destructive, destructive power.

Devoting himself to reading caused the seventy-year-old man to be banished from a place that was an oasis of peace for him. Reading the national epic led Skawiński to forget about the whole world. It even led to a very dangerous situation - the lighthouse keeper neglected his duties, which could overpay the sailors with their lives.

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Skawiński approached Mickiewicz in a very emotional way. He was deeply moved, he gave himself up to dreams for his lost homeland. The book found fertile ground.

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