Cold medications that you can use during pregnancy

For many women, pregnancy is a period of reduced resistance to infections, often associated with changes in their body. That is why, in the season of autumn and winter infections, every expectant mother should take special care of her health. Let's check which medications for a sore throat, cough, runny nose or fever will not harm the developing baby.

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1. Drugs in pregnancy

Any medication taken by a pregnant woman can affect the baby. It doesn't matter if they are ordinary dietary supplements, eye drops or sparkling lime. The use of all measures should be consulted with the attending physician.

The most important for the development of the fetus is the first trimester - the time when the baby's heart beats for the first time. Most internal organs also develop during the first three months.

The drugs that the expectant mother had taken so far must therefore be discontinued. Some of the ingredients in them can cause miscarriage or induce premature labor contractions. One of such drugs is Gripex, containing pseudoephedrine, which is not recommended during pregnancy due to the presence of this substance.

2. We get rid of the cough

Coughing in pregnancy is especially serious as it can trigger uterine contractions. For dry use, it is worth using a linseed solution. Its preparation is very simple: pour a teaspoon of linseed into a saucepan, and then pour a glass of water.

Cook for 10 minutes. We can add a teaspoon of honey to taste. A dry cough will also eliminate squeezed lemon juice mixed with olive oil.

With a wet cough, garlic syrup - called by many a natural antibiotic - can be effectively dealt with. Mix a few cloves with lemon juice and boiled water. Leave the prepared mixture for a few days in a darkened place.

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3. We lower the temperature

A fever during pregnancy does not necessarily mean something bad. Often, elevated temperature is the result of hormonal disorders and emotional changes that occur in a woman's body.

The temperature during pregnancy can be as high as 37.5 degrees Celsius. However, if it is constantly increasing - it's time to see a doctor.

Future mothers should not drink tea or bask in bed. These methods - although recommended by our mothers and grandmothers - initially increase the temperature even more, which is not safe for pregnant women.

A cool shower or a wet towel is a good option. Also, do not forget about irrigation.

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4. We treat a sore throat

A sore throat is a common problem for pregnant women. It can be mitigated by e.g. gargling with salt water and a little hydrogen peroxide solution. It is also worth taking advantage of the health-promoting properties of raspberries and drinking juice mixed with warm milk and honey.

The onion syrup will also be invaluable. To do this, cut two onions and mix with sugar. When the juice appears, use it several times a day. Here, too, it is worth drinking a lot to moisturize the throat mucosa. We recommend herbal teas, preferably with the addition of ginger and lemon.

We often wonder whether it is possible to use, for example, Tantum Verde in pregnancy for a sore throat. It is an effective throat spray, but pregnant women should consult a doctor before using it. There have been no special studies that would specify whether a given drug would be safe for a baby and a mother-to-be.

5. Ways for a runny nose

Runny nose is an inseparable addition to autumn and winter infections. In order to get rid of this persistent problem, let's reach for horseradish. 2-3 teaspoons of grated root added to sandwiches or soups will effectively deal with it.

Inhalations and herbal sausages, e.g. chamomile, will also help to cleanse the nose. Breathing in the steam after just a few minutes should bring you relief. A pregnant woman should not use nasal drops and sprays. Only sea water and saline are allowed.


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