A slight head injury in childhood has an impact on the further life

Don't blame your child for the deteriorating grades in school - possibly the result of a head injury several years ago. Recent studies indicate that even slight brain damage has an effect on memory and concentration. You can prevent this from happening - buy your child a protective helmet.

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1. Research on brain injuries

A minor brain injury suffered in childhood may have an impact on further life, according to the latest research by experts from the UK, USA and Sweden published in the journal PLOS Medicine. Scientists have analyzed the stories of millions of people born between 1973 and 1985. 9 percent of them experienced a severe trauma to the head area in childhood, and in 75% at least once diagnosed with mild concussion.

The research results are alarming - people who suffered head injuries as children by 76 percent. they receive disability pensions more often. That's not all - head injury accidents also affect intelligence.

Even a slight trauma to the head can affect further life (123rf)

2. Head injuries and mental diseases

Head injuries are also associated with an increased risk of developing mental illness. People with injuries are twice as likely to struggle with this type of problem. This is confirmed by the medical records of psychiatric hospitals.

An accident related to damage to the head area by researchers is also associated with the risk of premature death.

An apparently minor injury, such as riding a bicycle without a helmet, may also increase the risk of developing other diseases. As a result, the level of mental and physical efficiency in adulthood will be lowered. These types of body functions can also be influenced by genetics and the disease inherited from parents.

3. Changes in schools

Scientists worked on the subject of head injuries for five months. The publication of the results forced the experts to change schools - for example, rugby, which is a very dangerous sport for the head of the sport, was banned. It was also explained that it was not about a complete lack of physical activity in the lives of children and students. However, they should choose disciplines where the risk of brain damage is low.

Attention was also paid to the appearance of gyms and the danger lurking in playgrounds. Above all, the role of protective helmets was shown. Children, who are skating or cycling, should not move without them.

4. Prophylaxis

According to the researchers, even the slightest bump of the head against a wall or fall from a bicycle should be checked by a doctor. Parents should watch the child after it falls - and it's not just the color of the bruise or the size of the bump. Toddlers after an injury may experience problems with concentration, the inability to remember, and thus - deteriorating grades.

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