Numerals. Learn the words that count!

Numerals allow you to determine the number of people, animals and objects as well as the order of individual objects in a system, series or sequence. It is a different, independent part of speech. What are its types?

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1. Numerals. Classification by importance

Due to their meaning, numerals are divided into: main, e.g. five, eighteen, thirty-two orderly, e.g. first, fifth, eighteenth collective, e.g. five, ten fractional, e.g. three quarters, half Remember that the fractional numeral one and a half occurs in two generic forms: female (e.g. one and a half hours) and masculine and neuter (e.g. one and a half meters).

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Numerals are also divided into: multiplied, e.g. double multiple, e.g. triple, all fours undefined, e.g. several, several dozen

Collective numerals allow you to determine the number: people, e.g. two people, five children young creatures, especially animals, e.g. five chickens only plural nouns (pluralia tantum), e.g. two doors, four scissors *.

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2. What are cardinal numbers?

Cardinal numerals have a rather complicated variation: numeral one has forms such as a pronoun in the nominative case this, e.g. one, one, however, in dependent cases it takes the form of an adjective, e.g. one, one numeral two occurs in three generic forms: masculine (e.g. two knights), female (two girls) and bland (e.g. three lollipops). numeral thousand declines like nouns in the case of three-digit numbers, we inflect all components, e.g. One hundred and forty-two students from schools all over Poland made it to the finals.

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3. Numerals and punctuation

There are several important rules for punctuation in the case of numerals: no dots are placed after Roman numerals that denote an ordinal number, e.g. 20 November 2020. a period is placed after an ordinal numeral marked with Arabic numerals (except for situations where the numbers indicate the hours, page and days of the month, after which its name is written in words),

It is also worth remembering that you cannot add inflectional endings after Arabic or Roman numerals (2nd place winner, 1st class student)

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