Lubodrog– name. Origin, meaning, name days, famous people

1. Name day

Lubodrog name day is celebrated on February 5.

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2. Lubodrog - diminutives

The most popular diminutives are Lubodrożek, Lubodrożuś, Lub, Lubek, Lubeczek, Lubeniek, Lubuś, Lubusio, Drog, Drożek.

3. Lubodrog - origin and meaning

It is an old Polish male name, reconstructed on the basis of the name of the Łubodroża meadow in the Kościan district, composed of the elements lubo- ("nice, lovable") and -drog ("roads").

4. Lubodrog - numerology

The number of the name Lubodrog is 4.

4.1. Main character traits

The number of names 4 emphasizes modesty and self-limitation. The main feature of the numerological Four is simplicity. The harsh environment forces Four to be resourceful and use the benefits of the world sparingly. Practical, not hypothetical solutions are very important to her. Diligence, as well as dedication to others; this is the motto of a typical Four. The number of the name 4 forces you to work on yourself and brings the necessity of personal development. Numerological 4 is the number of evolution. Characteristic for her is a fascination with wealth and the pursuit of material goods.

4.2. Competitions

With services for the population, providing help, e.g. nursing the sick, waiter, craftsman, lower-level administrative worker, less often working in prominent positions.

4.3. The elements

The nature of the numerological Four corresponds to the strength of the combined elements of air and earth. It is a disharmonious combination that introduces internal contradictions. In this case, air and earth do not influence each other and do not complement each other. They create a space of internal contradictions and self-limitations and cause a lack of self-confidence.

4.4. Planets

Planetary Numerology Four is associated with the influence of Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the planet responsible for character shaping, and Uranus is responsible for overcoming internal limitations. Uranus is able to liberate from Saturn's limitations. Saturn is associated with the need to undertake spiritual development.

4.5. Seasons

End of summer, winter.

4.6. Months

August, January and February.

4.7. Good days


4.8. Happy dates

Lucky dates for the first name number 4 These are the ones that will give 1 or 4 after numerological reduction. How to carry out numerological reduction? Examples of reducing a few numbers. The number 19. 1 + 9 = 10. 1 + 0 = 1. The next example is for the number 11. 1 + 1 = 2. Another example for reducing the number 23.2 + 3 = 5 etc.

4.9. Metals

Lead (warning metal harmful to health in direct contact), aluminum.

4.10. Stones

Snow obsidian, jet.

4.11. The colors

Gray, dark brown.

4.12. Key

Tone d.

4.13. Plant amulets

Meadow sage, yarrow.

4.14. Trees

Fir, willow.

4.15. Animal guides

Bat, emperor penguin, turtle.

4.16. Protective runes

Jera, isa.

4.17. Fragrances

Dry fragrances, e.g. larch, pansy, aloe.

4.18. Important places

Barren fields, wastelands, farms, offices, pharmacies, hospitals, places related to politics.

4.19. Successful direction


4.20. Family life

The four are willing to make considerable sacrifices for the family. For the Four, a good standard of living and ensuring the comfort of their loved ones are important.

4.21. Development

The period that is significant for the Four is between the ages of 15 and 21.

4.22. Matching names

It harmonizes with other names, the number of which is 22 or 4. Twenty-two are able to change the attitude of Four towards the world to a more optimistic one and bring a lot of enthusiasm. The Two Fours, in turn, can perfectly support each other and achieve a lot together.

4.23. Zodiac sign

This name is perfect for those born in the sign of Virgo and Capricorn. These are signs to which constancy and a practical approach to life are attributed. Aquarius, in turn, will allow the Four to achieve their goals by wisely adapting to the circumstances they encounter.

5. Lubodrog - a child

People bearing the name Lubodrog in childhood are closely related to the family. It is not only the family that counts, but also the values ​​it brings with it. A child home; this phrase aptly describes the disposition type and the apparent likes and dislikes. People with this name in their youth are happy to stay in well-known places. On the other hand, they do not take loneliness well. In their youth, they seek the company of wise people, but feelings play a primary role.

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6. Lubodrog - decline of life and old age

The decline of a person named Lubodrog will be cheerful and spent with the family. Careful care and a sense of security are the norm in this case. There are caring tendencies and taking care of others, often also with animals. Good communication with the environment and harmony with oneself are visible.

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