Max - name. Origin, meaning, name days, famous people

1. Name day

Maxim's name day is celebrated on January 15, January 23, January 25, February 3, February 18, April 13, April 15, April 30, May 5, May 11, May 15, June 10, June 23, August 2, August 13, August 17 , August 20, August 23, October 30, November 19, November 27 and December 27 The most popular date for celebrating Maximus' name day is November 27.

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2. Maksym - diminutives

The most popular diminutives are: Maks, Maksek, Maksi, Maksik, Maksio, Maksiu, Maksiunio, Maksymek, Maksymilian, Maksymiusz.

3. Maksym - origin and meaning

It is a masculine name of Latin origin, derived from the adjective maximus - "the greatest", nicknamed Jupiter. Listed in Poland since the 14th century.

4. Maksym - equivalents in different languages

  • Latin - Maximus
  • English - Max, Maxim
  • French - Maxime
  • Spanish - Maximo
  • Italian - Massimo.

5. Maksym - famous people with this name

  • Max Bruch - German composer
  • Maksim Gorki - real Alexei M. Pieszkow - Russian writer
  • Max Reger - German composer
  • Max Born - German physicist, Nobel laureate
  • Max Eastman - American poet
  • Massimo Ranieri - Italian singer.

6. Maksym - numerology

The name of Maksym is 1.

6.1. Main character traits

Typical numerological Ones are individualists, pioneers and conquerors. It is a dynamic vibration that encourages you to act. Ones know very well what they want from the world and do not hesitate to reach for it. Numerology 1 also emphasizes the need for a strong focus on oneself, which can sometimes be perceived as a defect. Other shortcomings of character represented by the numerological Jedynka are extravagance, lack of a practical approach to everyday life, and living in the moment.

6.2. Competitions

With the activity and the ability to immediately mobilize forces, e.g. soldier, firefighter, rescuer, athlete, institution manager, etc.

6.3. The elements

The numerological nature of the Ones corresponds to the strength of the combined elements of fire and air. It is pure energy. The fire is fueled by the supply of air. The air heated by the fire rises upwards. Both elements work in harmony with each other. The essence of fire is to live in the moment and to survive thanks to the transformation of fuel-matter into light and heat.

6.4. Planets

Planetary Ones are associated with the influence of the Sun and Mars. The sun and Mars are planets that are inextricably linked with life energy and vitality. Mars endows them with steadfastness, belligerence and activity. The sun emphasizes their individuality and strong ego.

6.5. Seasons

All except winter.

6.6. Months

March, August and November.

6.7. Good days

Tuesday and Sunday.

6.8. Happy dates

Lucky dates for the name number 1: These are the ones that will give 1, or 2, or 5 after numerology reduction. How do I reduce numerology? Examples of reducing a few numbers. The number 19. 1 + 9 = 10. 1 + 0 = 1. The next example is for the number 11. 1 + 1 = 2. Another example for reducing the number 23.2 + 3 = 5 etc.

6.9. Metals

Gold, stainless steel.

6.10. Stones

Mountain crystal, diamond.

6.11. The colors

Red and bright colors.

6.12. Key

Ton h.

6.13. Plant amulets

Thistle, sharpener lanceolate, nettle.

6.14. Trees

Oak, maple.

6.15. Animal guides

Wolf, ram, boar.

6.16. Protective runes

Sowelo, teiwaz.

6.17. Fragrances

Any sharp and penetrating, e.g. garlic, juniper, basil.

6.18. Important places

Sports arenas, forts, strongholds, sandy areas, new and unpopulated spaces.

6.19. Successful direction


6.20. Family life

A single is a person who wants to appear as the head of the house. This numerological vibration usually produces well-structured family relationships.

6.21. Development

Childhood is an important period of life for Jedynka.

6.22. Matching names

The name Maksym works well with other names whose number is 2 or 5. The practical and stable Two will guide the dynamic One. Five will introduce additional creative energy.

6.23. Zodiac sign

The name Maxim is perfect for those born in Aries, Leo and Scorpio. The listed zodiac signs emphasize the individuality of a person, especially Aries and Leo, which is consistent with the vibration of the One.Scorpio will also find itself in this vibration. It should be added that Scorpio is a sign of warriors.

7. Maksym - a child

In childhood and adolescence, people bearing the name Maksym cope very well in situations that require concentration of attention and the involvement of considerable forces. In the first years of life, people with this name are unbreakable. Having the name of Maksym can easily inspire others to act. Youth is not a time of self-pity, but a time of hard work and gaining practical skills.

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8. Maksym - declining life and old age

In old age, the name of Maxim will bring wealth and recognition. The end of life is spent in a well-arranged environment. Strong emotional ties and previously built relationships in this period of life can pay off. Maksym has a lot of wisdom that is skilfully used.

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