"Little Prince". Abstract, quotes

One of the most beautiful childhood tales, reaching both children and adults. For many years, it has been included in the school reading canon and enjoys unflagging popularity. The "Little Prince" we are talking about is a wonderful story about man, friendship and life, moving and shaping sensitivity. What should we know about "The Little Prince" and its author?

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1. Who is the author of "The Little Prince"?

The author is Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a French pilot, poet and writer. He was born into an aristocratic family, the son of a count. At the age of 12, he remade his bicycle, adding wings to it, and at the same age he made his first flight as a passenger.

In 1921, he obtained the qualifications of a civilian pilot, and a year later a military pilot. He worked in the Aviation Society, transporting correspondence, in December 1935 he crashed in the Libyan Desert.

"The Little Prince" was published in 1943. The intention to write this story probably appeared in the summer of 1941, when the author was in a hospital in Los Angeles. The work was influenced by his personal experiences at that time: leaving his homeland, parting with his mother and emotional instability in relation to his wife Consuela.

An interesting fact is that "The Little Prince" is the only item in the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupér, which he gave the form of a fairy tale and which he himself illustrated.

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2. What is the "Little Prince" about?

The story is told 6 years after the events described. The narrator of the story is a pilot who, due to damage to the machine, is forced to make an emergency landing in the Sahara desert. While repairing the plane, he meets an unexpectedly fair-haired boy - the title Little Prince.

The hero introduces himself as an inhabitant of the asteroid B-612. According to his story, before he came to Earth, he visited a large number of other planets. The hero asks the pilot to draw him a lamb. This is how a friendship is formed between the pilot and the little prince, and the boy confides in him on the adventures he has had over the past year.

The boy's stories show the planets he visited during his trip. The little prince also talks about his great and difficult love for the rose and about his friendship with the fox who taught him what "taming" is and how much responsibility it entails.

The theme of the hero's fight with the Serpent appears. At the end comes the moment of parting - the Little Prince wants to return to his planet, to the Rose. For that to happen, he has to go back to the Serpent and he will bite him. The pilot and the little prince say goodbye and each of them returns home.

"The Little Prince" touches upon the most important human emotions, relationships and feelings. The protagonist emphasizes many times that he cannot understand adults who have forgotten what it is like to be a child and therefore cannot enjoy life. They still only calculate, measure, calculate and plan something without looking at the feelings, and yet "the most important thing is invisible to the eyes".

According to The Little Prince, the pilot, as the only adult he knows, has not lost the ability to see the world from the perspective of a child.

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3. Heroes of the "Little Prince"

In addition to the title Little Prince and the narrator - the pilot, the story includes:

  • Rose - exceptional, unique, growing alone on the planet of the Little Prince; the hero protected, watered and cared for her as the most precious treasure;
  • The fox - a unique character, taught the Little Prince what true friendship is;
  • The lighthouse keeper - constantly busy with useless work, which consists in lighting and extinguishing the lighthouse every minute, due to the fact that the day and night on his planet are very short;
  • King - a power-hungry man who needs a subject to fulfill his dream; unfortunately there is no one on the planet except him;
  • Vain - hungry for adoration, admiration, applause, but like the King, there is no one on his planet who could admire him;
  • Banker - still counts the stars he treats as his, even though they are not his;
  • Drunkard - symbolizes addiction, he explains his drinking by the fact that he is ashamed to drink;
  • Geographer - still counting, measuring, analyzing and collecting information, but it is of no use to him, because he does not leave his office.

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4. Quotes from "The Little Prince"

The Little Prince is packed with quotes about the most important feelings: love and friendship. Provides valuable summaries on human life. Here are some of the most famous quotes:

  • "You are forever responsible for what you have tamed."
  • "People have too little time to get to know anything. They buy ready-made things in stores. And since there are no stores with friends, people don't have friends."
  • "Love is not about looking at each other, but about looking in the same direction together."
  • "All adults were once children, but few of them remember it."
  • "Here's my secret. It's very simple: you can only see well with your heart. The most important thing is invisible to your eyes."
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