Mom showed what her daughter did to "beautify" herself. It looks comical

Maya Trainer from Scotland is only 7 years old, but she loves makeup and follows beauty trends. This time she decided to go crazy and gave herself a pedicure. Nobody expected such an effect. Look!

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1.7-year-old in the land of makeup

Maja's mom Julie admits that the 7-year-old is truly obsessed with makeup. She follows all the news and, with better or worse results, tries to recreate make-up tricks at home. The passion for makeup is the source of the constant smile of her family and loved ones. The girl also improves her skills on other family members.

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Often her "victim" is also her mother, who supports the girl in her hobbies. But even she was not ready for what she saw one morning. Proud of herself, Maya decided to present another way to improve her appearance. This time it was a modern pedicure.

2. Pedicure with artificial nails

One of Maja's favorite gadgets are artificial nails. Plastic nail tips can be purchased at virtually any drugstore. Until now, Maya used them to decorate her fingers. However, she decided to go further.

Maya stuck tips on her toenails (

When her mother saw her smug daughter tapping happily with her fake nails glued to her feet, she couldn't breathe with laughter. Only after a few minutes she managed to control her cheerfulness and decided to take a picture of the girl to share with the Internet users.

Under the photo, she asked if anyone else had such a crazy child. Comments praising the ingenious 7-year-old immediately followed suit. People wrote that she cheered them up and advised Julie to love her and her great imagination.

What do you think about Maja's idea? Do your kids love to paint too?

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