Mom reveals a way to clean the ventilation grille. Internet users are delighted

Ventilation grilles are one of those items that we clean from the big bell. Dust, grease and other horrors settle on them. Thanks to the patent, we belong to the "Mums Who Clean" group, our ventilation grilles have a chance to regain their shine. Internet users are delighted.

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1. The ventilation grille is the seat of all evil

Cleaning the air vents usually does not keep us awake at night. They are high above our heads, and we only remember them when they are already heavily polluted.

Ventilation grille before and after cleaning (

Dust, dirt and cooking grease collect on the ventilation grilles. Such a mixture is very difficult to clean and dangerous to health. May increase dust allergy. If in your mind's eye you can see hours of scrubbing and cleaning such a grille, we have an easier way for you.

The patent was shared by a mum in the group "" Mums Who Clean "". Thanks to it, you will happily start cleaning the ventilation grille.

2. Cleaning the ventilation grille

Take out the ventilation grille and rinse it thoroughly in very hot water. Thanks to this, you will get rid of excess fat. Then put the wire rack in a bowl of water. Put a dishwasher tablet on both sides of the rack.

Wait approx. 30 minutes for the cubes to dissolve. Gently scrub the most stubborn dirt. The grille will look like new. As proof, the mother who shared this trick threw photos of the grid on the group before and after cleaning.

This is another time when dishwasher tablets work well in other situations.

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