Marijuana damages the brain. Teenagers are especially at risk

Researchers at the University of Vermont have found that even a one-time inflammation of marijuana leaves traces in the brain. The young are most at risk.

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1. Marijuana among teenagers

Statistics show that experimenting with stimulants is an everyday life of a large part of young people. Research for the Republic of Poland has shown that as much as 71 percent. of them tried marijuana. It is she who, next to alcohol, cigarettes and energy drinks, is the most frequently chosen stimulant.

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Researchers at the University of Vermont recently conducted a study that found that even a single cannabis infection before the age of 14 could lead to changes in the brain. Interestingly, changes have been observed in the area of ​​this organ responsible for emotions.

2. A threat to teenage minds

Studies have shown that people who smoked marijuana before the age of 14 had more gray matter in the zone where the cannabinoid receptors are found compared to those who never tried it.

The researchers also observed changes in the amygdala, the area of ​​the brain responsible for emotions, and in the hippocampus, the zone that records memory and space. It turns out, therefore, that stimulants in adolescence have serious consequences for the development of the organism.

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