Extended Matura exam: Polish. What are the rules for the exam?

The extended matura exam (Polish is one of the most frequently taken exams in this formula) takes place on the same day as the basic level test. One-day high school graduates must therefore solve two examination sheets. In 2020, 22.3 percent decided to write the Polish language exam in an extended form. graduates of high schools and technical schools. How will it be this year?

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High school graduates who will take the final exams in May 2021 will face a lot of changes. They were forced by the coronavirus pandemic that the world has been struggling with for a year. In recent months, students have been learning remotely, which required a lot of effort from them and their teachers. It is difficult to discuss issues useful during the Matura exam from a distance and check to what extent students have mastered it.

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Therefore, the Ministry of Education decided to introduce some changes in the scope of knowledge required during the Matura exam, also at the extended level.

1. Extended Matura exam: Polish with the current reading list?

The Minister of Education, Przemysław Czarnek, announced in November 2020 that the scope of knowledge required at the matura exams will be reduced by 20-30%. The obligation to register for one of the exams in the extended formula will also be abolished. In previous years, the student had to take such a test in a selected subject, e.g. Polish or English, although there was no pass threshold (he did not have to get any point).

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Until now, each student, in order to receive the matriculation certificate, had to take the exam in two parts: written and oral. The latter - required for Polish and a modern foreign language, according to recent announcements by the minister of education, is to be abolished in 2021. Only those students who need it in the recruitment procedure for a foreign university will be able to join.

2. Extended Matura exam in Polish - what issues need to be repeated?

The extended matura exam from Polish checks the student's post-primary knowledge. A high school graduate must therefore not only be familiar with the readings included in the core curriculum, but also be able to refer in his statements to texts that go beyond the curriculum of historical and literary, critical or in the field of literary theory. During the exam, his task is to write a comparative interpretation of literary works or to write an argumentative statement. [content title = "" Peasants "- detailed summary of volume I"]

3. How to prepare for the Polish language exam at the advanced level?

A difficult task is faced by students who decide to write an extended Matura exam in Polish. They have to learn the material with less help from the teacher than before. In the form of distance learning, they do not have the possibility to learn as before.

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The basis is the knowledge of the content of the reading and related issues. The ability to correctly formulate thoughts in writing is also very important. Frequent essay writing can help. It is also worth solving exam sheets from previous years. They will help you get used to the form of the test that is in force at the matura exam.

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The extended matura exam in Polish, as well as other exams that young people have to face in 2021, will most likely take place in a sanitary regime similar to last year's. It is a very difficult experience, aggravated by the stress associated with the high school diploma. So let's plan your studies so that you can relax and unwind just before the final exams.

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