Melancholic, meaning who?

A melancholic is a pessimist who sees the world in black colors. But are you sure? She is also an extremely intelligent person, sensitive to beauty. He is also a good worker, although he will not be suitable for every profession.

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1. Who is a melancholic?

This is one of the personality types described by Hippocrates. It is characterized by emotional instability: the melancholic has alternating states of depression and euphoria. They are extremely strong.

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The melancholic has an introverted personality. He likes loneliness, and the circle of his friends is very limited. He only has a few friends. He does everything not to be in the spotlight.

He is also reluctant to spend time outside the home. He prefers a quiet evening with a book in his hand to parties or meetings with friends.

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2. Melancholic at work

A person with a melancholic personality type is a very good worker: conscientious and thorough. She carries out her duties very well. However, he definitely prefers to work alone than in a team (then his enthusiasm may fade). It is also difficult for him to work under pressure. The necessity to achieve the assumed results will have a depressing effect on the melancholy. His pursuit of perfectionism in this regard could prove disastrous.

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Melancholic, as a very sensitive person and beauty, feels very comfortable in such professions as:

  • painter,
  • writer,
  • journalist,
  • accountant,
  • engineer,
  • architect.

It will be difficult for a melancholic to find himself as a sales representative or teacher. It will not be easy for him to work as an academic lecturer, although there are many melancholies among scientists. However, they much prefer to work independently than pass their knowledge to the younger generation. And it is not because of their bad intentions, but because of the considerable effort they have to put in public speaking. This is very emotional for them.

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3. Melancholic in the eyes of others

A melancholy person has a great need for acceptance. She needs to be appreciated, otherwise she becomes convinced that she has failed. The melancholic is oversensitive about himself. He often looks for personal attacks on himself - be it in personal or virtual contacts. Even a neutral statement can cause him to feel criticized.

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A melancholic has a problem making decisions. He thinks for a long time about the step he should take. This is a person who is not always easy to understand.

In society, the melancholic is considered a sad, inaccessible and apathetic person. In reality, however, he is a very emotional man, experiencing everything with his whole being. It is a gift on the one hand, and a curse on the other.

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