Creighton's model

The Creighton Model is a natural family planning method that identifies the fertile and infertile days of a woman's menstrual cycle. This method was developed by Dr. Thomas Hilgers and based it, similar to the Billings method, on the observation of mucus. The Creighton model allows a woman to get to know her menstrual cycle in detail, which in turn makes it possible to successfully try for a baby or avoid unplanned pregnancy. The Creighton model is the basis of NaProTechnology, a method of natural procreation that enables the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

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1. What is the Creighton model?

The Creighton model is based on methods that have been used for years in family planning. The most important thing is to observe the cervical mucus, which becomes more abundant, clear and stretchy as ovulation approaches. At the same time, its viscosity and the number of leukocytes contained in it decrease. This type of mucus helps the sperm move around and makes it easier for the sperm to reach the mature egg.

In Creighton's model, pinpointing the moment of greatest fertility allows observation of vaginal mucus and bleeding, as well as recording "dry days" when no discharge occurs. For a woman with regular cycles, this cycle begins with the onset of menstruation. At the end of menstruation, a woman usually doesn't notice any discharge. It appears as ovulation approaches. At first, the mucus is sticky and cloudy, but gradually changes to a clearer and more stretchy mucus. The last day of such mucus in the cycle is the moment of ovulation. During this time, the level of estrogen in the woman's body increases. However, in women with a long ovulatory cycle, ovulation-related mucus may appear in the pre-ovulation phase.

2. Application of Creighton's model

The Creighton model is not a natural method of contraception. However, it allows the couple to decide whether to try for a baby or avoid pregnancy. With a thorough knowledge of the menstrual cycle as well as the fertile and infertile days, the couple has the choice of how to plan their future.

Knowing the menstrual cycle is also extremely useful in the diagnosis of infertility. It allows you to choose the best time to conduct such tests as hormone tests (estrogen and progesterone levels), ultrasound monitoring of Graaf's follicle maturation and many others. This allows the doctor to diagnose abnormalities, including hormone deficiencies or disorders of the menstrual cycle. In turn, diagnosis allows treatment to begin. **** Hormonal disturbances or cycle abnormalities can be treated with natural hormones or pharmacotherapy. Drugs can also help with cervical mucus deficiency, abnormal biochemical and hematological parameters, and endocrine problems. Sometimes it is necessary to undergo surgery. The indication for surgery is ovarian obstruction, adhesions or endometriosis.

3. Efficiency of Creighton's model

The Creighton model is extremely effective in preventing unplanned pregnancies. However, certain conditions must be met. To be most effective, a couple must follow all mucus monitoring rules, calculate fertile and infertile days correctly, and refrain from intercourse during fertile days. In reality, however, not all of these rules are always followed exactly.

The Creighton model is also the basis of NaProTechnology, i.e. the treatment of infertility using natural methods. It is worth knowing, however, that NaProTechnology, although extremely helpful in the treatment of infertility, as it helps to determine its causes, is not the correct method of treating this ailment. This is due to the fact that natural methods are not able to help in a situation where the cause of infertility is cryptozoospermia (trace amounts of sperm in the ejaculate), lack of ovaries, fallopian tubes or uterus in a woman or their severe damage, anatomical defects in a man or irreversible endometriotic changes. in a woman. NaProTechnologia is therefore not an alternative to in vitro fertilization when the causes of infertility cannot be cured pharmacologically, surgically or by optimizing the timing of intercourse.

The Creighton model is a method that helps to maintain a woman's health and fertility. A woman who knows her menstrual cycle, as determined by observation of biological markers, can consciously make a decision about motherhood.

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