Moses– name. Origin, meaning, name days, famous people

1. Name day

The name day Moses celebrates: February 7, February 18, August 28, September 4, November 4 and November 25.

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2. Moses - diminutives

The most popular diminutives are: Moses, Moses, Moses, Moses, Moses, Moses, Moses, Moses, Mojunio, Mojo.

3. Moses - origin and meaning

It is a name of Hebrew origin, derived from the biblical patriarch. Mainly popular with Jews. The name comes from the root: take out, take out, as according to the Old Testament Book of Exodus Moses was pulled out of the river (Nile) by the daughter of Pharaoh.

4. Moses - equivalents in different languages

  • Latin - Moyses
  • English - Moses
  • French - Moese
  • German - Moses
  • Italian - Mose.

5. Moses - famous people with this name

  • Mosze Kacaw: Israeli politician, president of Israel in 2000-2007
  • Moses Kiptanui: Kenyan athlete, long-distance runner, one of the most successful obstacles in the history of this specialty
  • Mojżesz Maimonides: Jewish philosopher and physician from the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries.
  • Mojżesz Mohyła: the hospodar of Moldova in the years 1630-1632 and 1633-1634
  • Mojżesz Mendelssohn: Jewish and German philosopher, well-known and respected writer, linguist, the first promoter of equating the rights of Jews with non-Jewish people in German countries
  • Mojżesz Pelc: doctor of medicine, major in WP, director of the Jewish hospital in Kielce and the first president of the Judenrat in Kielce
  • Mojżesz Schorr: an orientalist historian, one of the founders of modern historiography of Polish Jews, senator of the Second Polish Republic.

6. Moses - numerology

The name Moses is 6.

6.1. Main character traits

Numerological Six has a great ability to build deep relationships with the environment. The Typical Six is ​​a born diplomat and negotiator, her ability to interact with others is especially appreciated. Devotion to family and loved ones is also visible. The Six was created primarily for family life! A person bearing a name corresponding to the numerological 6 is a realist and a romantic rolled into one. Optimism and serenity never leave the Sixes. The name number 6 carries with it nobility and selfless devotion to the cause.

6.2. Competitions

Using the acquired life experience. The Six is ​​perfect in family businesses and in professions where contact with people is necessary.

6.3. The elements

The nature of the numerological Six corresponds to the strength of the combined elements of water and air. It is a combination of two different emanations. Thanks to the air, water retains its freshness. Light and fleeting air saturated with water gives a refreshing breeze. Heated water becomes volatile and floats in the air. By receiving a different state of focus, it increases flexibility.

6.4. Planets

Planetary the Six are associated with the influence of the Moon and Jupiter. The moon strongly emphasizes the sphere of feelings and sensitivity. Jupiter introduces meekness and forbearance. Together, the Moon and Jupiter form an extremely beneficial connection that brings happiness in life.

6.5. Seasons

Summer and winter.

6.6. Months

June, November.

6.7. Good days

Monday and Thursday.

6.8. Happy dates

Lucky dates for the name number 6: These are the ones that will give 2 or 6 after numerological reduction. How do I carry out numerological reduction? Examples of reducing a few numbers. The number 19. 1 + 9 = 10. 1 + 0 = 1. The next example is for the number 11. 1 + 1 = 2. Another example for reducing the number 23.2 + 3 = 5 etc.

6.9. Metals

Silver, copper.

6.10. Stones

Moonstone, malachite.

6.11. The colors

Gray blue and silver.

6.12. Key

Tone c.

6.13. Plant amulets

Quarter, blackthorn, morning glory.

6.14. Trees

Ficus, elm.

6.15. Animal guides

Dog, seahorse, fallow deer.

6.16. Protective runes

Berkanan, odala.

6.17. Fragrances

Subtle and exotic, e.g. lotus, jasmine, eucalyptus.

6.18. Important places

Monuments, family home, homeland, kindergartens and schools, canteens, archives.

6.19. Successful direction


6.20. Family life

The six is ​​a vibration that, like no other number, has the perfect predisposition to start a family. A numerological six without a family is withering. The family is the engine of her actions and the reservoir of strength.

6.21. Development

A significant period for the Six is ​​between the ages of 30 and 45.

6.22. Zodiac sign

The name Moses is perfect for those born in the signs of Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio. These signs bestow qualities such as a love of peace, emphasizing strong relationships with loved ones and family. Moreover, they harmonize with the well-developed sensuality, sensitivity and intuition of the name Moses.

7. Moses - the child

As a child, those who bear the name Moses value well-being and comfort. They are stubborn and conservative. They are happy to surround themselves with collected items that guarantee a high standard of living. In childhood and adolescence, a strong contact with nature and the desire to be in its bosom are visible. The early years of life will bring a good relationship with the environment.

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8. Moses - decline of life and old age

A person named Moses has a chance to spend the decline of his life in luxury. The ability to multiply and accumulate goods in youth and mature age will be an excellent safeguard for old age. New friendships will emerge at the end of life.

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