My Little Pony Equestria Girl and other ideas - we choose a gift for a girl

above all, her personality, interests and passions. Regardless of whether it will be animals, sports or other hobbies, there will certainly be many gift ideas. A well-stocked toy store for children is a mine of ideas. We also present a few of them.

1. Educational games and creative kits

Traditional board or card games are still, despite the huge popularity of consoles, tablets, computers and smartphones, a recommended toy for a child. Educational and dexterity games, classic board games, quizzes or card games will be a recommended gift idea for a girl, with which the whole family or a close circle of the child's friends and colleagues will then spend a nice time. Currently, games such as "Scrabble Junior", "5 seconds" or "Who I am" are very popular.

A recommended proposition is also various types of creative sets - for painting, sketching, as well as creating jewelry or in the decoupage technique, decorating nails or hair. Girls of almost all ages like to dress up and change their appearance, imitating their mother, sister or older friends. That is why a small manicure studio, mini hairdressing salon or stringing beads will surely meet with great joy from the recipient. An original gift are also sets for plaster casts or homemade salt mass.

2. Coupon for a dance course and horse riding

Giving coupons, the so-called vouchers for a specific course or other activity. After consulting the child's parents, you can decide to finance a few lessons of dancing, horse riding, gymnastics or other activities. Perhaps a great passion will begin with these few lessons?

My Little Pony Equestria Girl and other ideas - we choose a gift for a girl

3. My Little Pony Equestria Girl and other toys

Toys are in the lead among children, especially the younger ones. Almost every year there is a new fashion for a specific model of a doll, a stuffed animal or blocks. Currently, My Little Pony Equestria Girl dolls are very popular among girls. They are the protagonists of the American-Canadian animated series, also popular in Poland. The set consists of 7 dolls, each of which - just like its original, fairy-tale counterpart - is different. The set of all the protagonists is unforgettable fun for long hours for both the recipient and her friends.

4. Silver Swarovski earrings - is it worth buying jewelry for your child?

Is buying jewelry for a little girl a good idea? We believe that yes - the purchase of delicate, small earrings with a nice decorative element is a recommended gift idea. A good-quality, modest model, such as the Swarovski silver earrings, is a gift for a long time, which the recipient can wear both now and in a few years. Good jewelry never gets old. However, it is rather early for other types of trinkets - bracelets, pendants, rings and necklaces.

5. Books that are interesting and inspiring

Books are definitely a recommended gift. Youth and children's literature is doing great and abounds in the positions of both domestic and foreign authors. It is certainly worth betting on classic titles - the Harry Potter saga, the Chronicles of Narnia series or "The Hobbit". In addition to items with fantastic adventures of young heroes, on the shelves of the bookstore you can also find items containing inspiration and ideas for spending free time and developing your passions and interests. Books on animals, geography, history and biology will be not only interesting, but also informative gifts.

6. Store with toys for children, or where to buy gifts?

Where to buy gifts for a child? The choice is obvious - in a well-stocked toy store. The market is full of both stationary and online stores. A brick-and-mortar store has the advantage over an online store that each product can be checked, viewed or touched immediately. Often, however, prices are much higher than in the case of online stores. The reason for this is obvious - the online children's toy store does not have to pay for the store's space, salaries for salespeople and security guards, etc. Therefore, it can afford lower prices, which benefits customers. It is also worth remembering about the very wide selection of products in such a store. He can offer literally thousands of toys, books and games. Even if one is not currently "in stock", it is enough to inform the customer that the product has been delivered to him within a few days. A stationary store with a specific area (no matter how big it is) will never fit the entire range that an online store can offer.

Choosing a gift for a girl is not easy, but we hope that the ideas presented above helped you a little bit.

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