The most common symptoms of pinworms

Worm disease is caused by pinworms, which are small, whitish nematodes that are very easy to catch. Children who go to nursery or kindergarten are particularly vulnerable to infection with them.

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1. Pinworms - what are they?

These parasites are nematodes. They resemble threads. The female reaches a length of about 1 centimeter, the male only a few millimeters. They are whitish and transparent. They only occur in humans. Children with reduced immunity or attending nurseries or kindergartens are particularly vulnerable to their appearance. Untreated pinworm carries a number of risks. May be responsible for inflammation of the colon. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to disturbing symptoms early.

2. Symptoms of pinworms

The main symptom in all patients is anal pruritus. It intensifies in the evening and at night, when females leave the anus to lay eggs. The skin in this area may be red, irritated, with pimples. Another common symptom is teeth grinding. Occasionally it may persist even after the end of the treatment. If you notice that your child is still grinding his teeth, see a doctor.

3. Other common symptoms of pinworms

  1. Agitation - Children with pinworms often cannot sit still. They are agitated and restless all the time. This may be due to parasites crawling over the skin.
  2. Weight loss - pinworms, like all parasites, absorb nutrients from the host. As a result, such activities may lead to weight loss and the formation of deficiencies, e.g. iron. Additionally, pinworms can cause a lack of appetite, which will significantly affect body weight.
  3. Stomach pains - These can be caused by diseases caused by pinworms. This is, for example, inflammation of the appendix or colon.
  4. Skin problems - redness, irritation and rash may appear around the anus. The skin may become inflamed as a result of scratching. The child then complains of burning and itching around the anus.
  5. Lack of sleep or sleeplessness - People with pinworms tend to sleep poorly. Persistent itching, scratching and general restlessness are also important. Children often wake up at night complaining of itching in the anus or intimate areas. In addition, occasional wetting may occur.
  6. Problems with defecation.
  7. Pale complexion - people suffering from pinworm often have pale skin and dark circles under the eyes. The skin has a grayish tinge.
  8. Weakness - Lack of sleep, nutrient deficiencies and weight loss can all make the body weak.
  9. Concentration problems - These are also a product of several of the problems that pinworms cause. Children infected with pinworms may have learning difficulties because they do not get enough sleep and become hyperactive.
  10. Anemia - acute infection with pinworms may lead to iron deficiency anemia.
  11. Hair loss - due to deficiency and general weakness in patients with pinworm, the hair may become weak or fall out.

Pinworms are quite common parasites. However, they must not be underestimated. When you notice the first symptoms, consult a pharmacist. You can buy an over-the-counter drug at the pharmacy to help with the fight against pinworms. To confirm the diagnosis, a stool test for parasites should be performed. It is a painless examination. You have to wait a few days for the results.

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