They undress online. This is how they earn extra pocket money

In the evening, when the parents go to bed, they sit down in front of the computer and start the browser. They start broadcasting online, on webcams. They undress and get paid for it. This way of earning money is popular primarily among high school and college girls. I decided to find out why they do it.

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1. For the money

- I will not darken, I do it for fun - I undress for money. It's a good business - sometimes I will earn several dozen zlotys before school, then after school - says 18-year-old Sylwia from the Masovian Voivodeship. For about 2 years, the girl has been regularly visiting portals with on-line cameras. She undresses and masturbates.

The story begins at the end of 2014. It was then that Sylwia's parents decided that they wanted a divorce. She, their only daughter, began to drop out of school in response to stress. - I hated them for this divorce. And then it was gone: truancy, alcohol, and with time I started looking for an outlet for my nerves in the network.

Sylwia's parents did not know anything about it. The father, with the rest, has already moved to another woman. The 18-year-old claims that he and his mother were always for nothing. So when he left, her mother breathed a sigh of relief. The girl always had subdued contacts with her, she quietly blamed the 45-year-old for the breakdown of the marriage.

"I don't know, maybe it's because she's always been so cold." Yes, she's a cold bitch - Sylwia is nervous. - She tried to talk to me, but we failed. So I locked myself in my room and tried my luck. First on international webcams. But everything is monitored there, because the portal is not used to exchange sexual experiences. It was only a few months later that I switched to Polish portals. I especially liked one of them - says the girl. However, he does not allow to enter his official nickname. I don't want to be recognized.

2. A typical day

Sylwia is studying at a general secondary school. She recently turned 18. Next year she will be taking high school diploma.

- How's my day? In the morning, you know, I'm going to school. I come back, I have lunch, after it some study, usually for the sake of not failing this goddamn high school diploma, then either going out with my buddies, or comp - he lists.

And when it's a computer, you know what's going on. Sylwia is not too effusive. He does not show his face on his broadcasts. Only bare buttocks, breasts, thighs, arms. The highlight of her shows are vagina and anus. - Each broadcast is different. It happens in different ways - once I start playing with my breasts and then I move lower, and the other time - the other way around. I'm going with the flow - says Sylwia.

She doesn't show her face because she doesn't want to be recognized. Sometimes he sets the webcam so that nothing can be seen. Another time, she puts on a mask. When she ties it, only her lips are visible. She emphasizes that she likes to imitate male orgasm in this mask, especially when she goes "priv" with her clients.

- Guys are willing, they pay me with this virtual money differently. Usually I want 100 zlotys for such a private show, I got the most half a year ago - 300 zlotys - Sylwia enumerates. He sees nothing wrong with earning money with his own body. - It's a great pleasure for me because I like sex, even in the form of masturbation. And for these guys? Well. If they did not want to, they would not pay. I have no plans to leave for now. Although who knows, maybe ... if I meet a handsome brunet with stubble in real life, why not? - wonders.

3. A growing problem

The number of people like Sylwia on dating websites is constantly growing. The "shows" are organized by both the younger and the older. Also minors. Blockades introduced by the owners of such portals usually come down to indicating the age. However, no one verifies it. As a result, prostitution is flourishing on the Internet, because this is what you can call it.

- Teenagers see it as an easy opportunity to add extra pocket money. If, of course, it is a good definition of earnings reaching several thousand zlotys in one evening. I don't think it is about exhibitionism, which is treated as a mental disorder. In people who often practice such behavior, one could be tempted to diagnose cybersex addiction, but only after careful consideration of the situation of a specific person. We should remember that the behavior of each person should be considered individually - explains Mateusz Dobosz, a psychologist specializing in working with young people and dealing with the phenomenon of cybersex.

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What could be the reason for such behavior of Polish youth? First of all, financial problems. - In a difficult financial situation, the opportunity to earn a lot of money in an evening or two is an incredibly tempting proposition. And, unfortunately, it happens that he is the only possible choice in the hopeless situation of a young girl. Another reason may be the desire for adoration, lack of attention from loved ones, low self-esteem. In every situation it is also crossing the limits of one's own intimacy - emphasizes Mateusz Dobosz.

For many years, psychologists have been dealing with the issue of self-perception among people dealing with prostitution several years after the end of this practice. They notice lowered self-esteem, a constant sense of "dirty" and being "dirty". The disintegration of the psyche is also characteristic.

- Some time ago I met a case of a teenage girl (underage) who, after a short experience with prostitution, said that "she feels every touch all over her body, which constantly burns her" - says Dobosz.

Justyna Holka-Pokorska, a sexologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, also adds that such sexual promiscuity, for which - incidentally - there is silent social consent, may result in problems in later sexual life.

- These are behaviors that are detrimental to later psychosexual development. If they are committed by teenagers, there is a great risk that they will not enjoy real sex afterwards. This may affect the relationship with your partner. They can also lead to sex addiction or - perhaps the worst - prostitution in real life - Holka-Pokorska points out.

Interestingly, the issues of prostitution among minors are regulated to some extent by law.

- Such an act may indicate the demoralisation of a person. In such cases, the court initiates proceedings and may order the minor to undergo therapy, refer him to psychological examinations carried out by a child sexologist. The main rule here is to direct the minor to act in accordance with the law, which is why rehabilitation is undertaken - explains Dorota Kupper, legal advisor dealing with family law.

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