The kindergarten teacher: in Polish institutions it is not the children who are the most important

In kindergartens, it is not children who are most important, but papers, a good impression and peace of mind. These are the conclusions of the teacher's letter, which Magda and Sergiusz published on their blog Is it really that bad? Do we put our children in the "storage room"?

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Post "Private or public kindergartens? Shocking letter from the teacher ”sparked a heated debate on how these institutions function. Its conclusions are terrifying: “You have children. Unfortunately. Their needs (especially individual ones) are not taken into account. There are "frames" and the children are not to protrude beyond the picture ... ".

But - as the author of the letter explains - it is not the fault of the teachers ("And you would try to call these ladies kindergarten teachers ... Uuuuuu ..."). This system requires from women working in state institutions constant work spent on filling out forms and analyzes.

"THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is the order in the papers. Journals, plans, programs, "tons of papers, tons of analyzes", writing down times of entry and exit from kindergarten, counting attendance, observation sheets. In a word, an office. There is a framework plan for the day, there is a ready-made script from the methodological guide, the activity is carried out, goes outside, comes back, eats lunch (here there is an exchange of teachers who are completely not interested in what who has done, unless the kid has smashed another's head and is the specter of the scandal ...), there are additional activities, for the little ones - aging, afternoon tea and the longed-for moment - changing your legs to leave as soon as possible "(original spelling was preserved - ed.).

And children? They are here an unnecessary ballast, "tearing", "flying like crazy" or "fail", which "destroys the work of the group". It is very difficult to deal with them, so the teachers "can jerk, challenge, and tear themselves with such a characteristic" bazaar "voice". In their opinion, children should be picked up from kindergarten before 15.00.

1. "Warm storage at idle speed"

It is different in private kindergartens, but does that mean that it is better? According to the author of the letter, mainly students without experience and knowledge work there.

"The girls, like flies in tar, with a smile always stuck to their faces," overflow ", slow movements, loooooong unfolding of toys, looooong opening of books, they don't scream, they don't scold ... they smile. They accept any behavior (…). They are just nice and polite because they have to earn money for college. "

In private institutions, you are more likely to talk to parents, because it is a top-down requirement of the headmistress. The information provided to the caregivers is always the same: "he was polite, ate, played, we were outside". Reason? "The parent pays, everything has to be great."

And it's great, because there are toys, a well-equipped playground, good food. "It has to be easy and safe." Here, however, in contrast to state institutions, the teachers are empathetic, "hug children and soothe them in tears." It is such a "warm store at idle speed".

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2. Fiction or reality?

Opinions of the readers who comment on the lists are divided. Some believe that the teacher's voice is unfair, strongly exaggerated. However, there are many parents who agree with these allegations, most often because their child experienced harm in kindergarten. This was the situation for Bartuś, Monika's four-year-old son, who attended one of the private kindergartens in Toruń for two months.

- It was a terrible time for our whole family. The son cried when we took him to kindergarten, he was sitting in the corner by the window when we came to get him. The teachers explained that it was an adaptation period and that he would get used to it. I trusted them, especially since the kindergarten had a good reputation. But one day my son started saying that the lady was yelling at him and he didn't react when other children teased him. The tutor denied everything, saying that such situations never happened - says Bartuś's mother.

One day Monika went to kindergarten while the children were napping. She wanted to pick up her son earlier, but on purpose did not inform the kindergarten. Already in the corridor, she heard her baby cry, and being at the door she heard: "Well, what are you crying!" She immediately went to the management. She complained about the teacher's behavior and dismissed the child from kindergarten.

The teacher's letter seems to some very exaggerated (123RF)

However, many institutions maintain a high level. The teachers are not only empathetic, but also well-educated and dedicated to their work. You invest in equipment, invite guests, and implement the core curriculum in an interesting way. Agnieszka, the mother of three-year-old Adam, managed to find such a kindergarten.

- I heard positive opinions about this kindergarten from many people. And although it is a private institution, I had to enroll my son in it a year and a half earlier. The son loves to go there. I can see how he is developing and how he likes his tutors. She runs to them in the morning with outstretched arms, hugs them. They greet him with a smile. When he is sick, they call asking how he is doing. The kids spend a lot of time outdoors, have well-balanced meals prepared in their own kitchen - says Agnieszka.

3. How to choose a good kindergarten?

Working with a group of children is extremely difficult. It is a collection of colorful personalities, different characters and temperaments. Therefore, teachers have an extremely difficult task to perform. They do a titanic job, because on the one hand they have to be devoted to children, and on the other - they have to fulfill the tasks assigned to them by the management.

Before you enroll your child in kindergarten, it is worth finding out more about them. And not only from a beautiful website or conversations with the management, but also from the stories of parents whose children attend a given facility. It is good to ask what rules and educational methods apply in a given kindergarten.

The housing conditions are also extremely important. Is there a lot of space to play in the kindergarten, or are the rooms tight and stuffy? Is there a playground? Where do the kids eat their meals? How large are the groups?

And an extremely important point: safety. Let's check if the child would be able to leave the facility on their own. Are cameras installed and the kindergarten area is properly secured.

The kindergarten cannot be used as a shelter for children. This is a place that has a significant impact on the development and upbringing of a little man. So his choice cannot be accidental.

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