Dangerous strollers for children

Even 17 thousand children each year suffer injuries caused by being transported in an unsafe pram or carried incorrectly, warns the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

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The institution has just published a report on childhood injuries. The document shows that in 20 years only in the United States, almost 362,000 children have suffered a health impairment as a result of a stroller that does not meet safety standards or an unsafe baby carrier.

The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that most of these children are under the age of five. As much as 52.4 percent. boys are the victims of accidents related to improper use of the wheelchair, in 42% they are infants under the age of one.

As a result of accidents, children most often injured their head (43%) and face (31%). As much as 39 percent. all injuries were diagnosed as "soft tissue injury", which means contusions, abrasions, open cuts. 26 percent they were brain injuries or injuries of muscles, joints and bones.

It was similar with the slings. Boys were more often injured in accidents. Children most often injured their head (61.5%) and face (24.7%).

They also experienced soft tissue damage and other injuries. Accidents involving slings resulted in hospitalization more often than those caused by strollers.

1. Pay attention to the safety standards

In order for a pram to be approved for sale, it must meet a number of standards. They were specified in the document PN-En 1888: 2012. What are they wearing?

First of all, the manufacturer must use non-flammable materials in the trolley's sheathing. All other elements must be free of heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or phthalates.

In addition, the document assumes that the structure of the trolley must be made so that no sharp edges or other parts protrude from it. The fasteners, on the other hand, should have an element that will allow the child to be attached from the backrest and seat (in the crotch). Each fastening system should be adjustable.

Easily accessible for a parent, but hidden for a child and functional - that's what the brakes in a stroller should be. This is also a requirement that must be met by a wheelchair.

An important thing is also the inability to fold the stroller on its own. If the stroller is collapsible, the manufacturer is required to use at least one mechanism to block the self-assembly while driving.

The leaflet attached to the equipment should contain a list of standards and certificates that the product complies with. Also included must be warnings for parents against misuse.

2. Millions of trucks were withdrawn from sale

Despite the stringent requirements, sometimes prams that do not meet the criteria appear on the market. In 2010, the well-known company Graco had to withdraw from the market as many as 2 million trucks around the world. Reason? Four children suffocated - slipped and caught on harness or seat clasp.

Another 5 million strollers were phased out two years ago after parents began reporting incidents of children's pinching of fingers due to malfunctioning mechanisms that lock moving parts.

In turn, in March 2015, about 10,000 jobs disappeared from the market. Hauck trolleys. Forbidden substances have been detected in them. The products were also sold in Poland.

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