"Odyssey" - extracts summary

The "Odyssey" should be known to students preparing for the matriculation examination. The summary of the whole piece would be very long, so we will focus only on the two fragments discussed in the school.

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Most likely, "Odyseja", the authorship of which is attributed to Homer, was written in the first half of the 19th century. 8th century BC There is no doubt that she is younger than "The Iliad".

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The protagonist of the Odyssey is Odysseus, who, chased by the wrath of Poseidon, cannot return to his home island, Ithaca, where his wife and son are waiting for him.

1. Odyssey - summary of the fragment "In the Kiklopa Cave"

Odysseus reaches the Kiklopa island, where there are specific customs: no one cultivates the land there, although people harvest crops, do not travel and do not know the law. Odysseus must take care of the food himself. So he manages the hunt. The next day, with twelve companions, he goes to explore the island. On the way, they notice an inhabited cave, so they decide to wait for the host.

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In the evening, Kiklop shows up, devouring two men and announcing that the others will suffer the same fate. Odysseus tries to defend his comrades. Frightens the giant with the anger of the gods, but this one does nothing of it. In the morning, Kiklop devours two more people of Odysseus, and locks the rest in a cave, covering the entrance with a boulder. In order to get out, the companions of Odysseus decide to get the giant drunk, and then stick a hot club in his eye. The plan succeeds, but Kiklop called for help from other giants.

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Eventually, Odysseus and the survivors emerge from the cave, tied to the bellies of the sheep and hidden in their wool. Shouting from the ship, Odysseus introduces himself to the giant, who turned out to be the son of Poseidon. Kiklop asks his father to take revenge on the king of Ithaca.

2. Odyssey - summary of the fragment from "Circe"

Odysseus reaches the island of Ayia, where the sorceress Circe lives. He sends a few soldiers for reconnaissance, but they do not return to the ship. Circe lured them home with her singing, then gave them a mixture of herbs that turned men into pigs. Only one sailor survived and informed the king of Ithaca what had happened.

Odysseus decided to save his comrades. When he was going to Circe's house, Hermes stood in his way and handed Odysseus the herbs (he was supposed to add them to the drink given by the sorceress).

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Circe turned out to be very hospitable. Odysseus was not enchanted by her. The sorceress restored the sailors to human form, but the ship with Odysseus did not leave the island of Ayia for a year. Odysseus fell under the spell of Circe.

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