"A Christmas Carol" - summary

A Christmas Carol is a Victorian-style short story that is required reading in elementary school. The action takes place on Christmas Eve, and the main character is the greedy Scrooge and the ghosts haunting him on this extraordinary night. Below we publish a summary of "A Christmas Carol", which will certainly help you organize all the plot threads and better understand its content.

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1. Who wrote "A Christmas Carol"?

A Christmas Carol was written by the English writer Charles Dickens. It was first published on December 19, 1843, published as "Tale of Christmas Eve" or "Kolęda prozą". It has become a permanent fixture among the classics of literature - most of us know, even briefly, its content.

Charles Dickens had an interesting, though not without drama, biography, which was reflected in many of his other novels, such as "The Pickwick's Club" or "The Oliver Twist." At the age of 16, he started working as a journalist, and soon became one of the best journalists of the "Morning Chronicle" magazine.

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"A Christmas Carol" turned out to be an unexpected success for the author. It was custom-made. The first circulation of the book was 6,000 copies, and it sold out within three days. Dickens wrote it mainly with the intention of getting out of his card debt, and eventually "A Christmas Carol" got one hundred and twenty screen adaptations.

2. What is "A Christmas Carol" about?

"A Christmas Carol" tells about the transformation of the main character Ebenezer Scrooge, "which takes place in him on Christmas Eve. Until then, Scrooge is a lonely, unsympathetic and greedy miser who cares only about his fortune and its multiplication.

On Christmas Eve he is visited by 4 ghosts who show him scenes from his life - past, present and future. Scrooge realizes the hopelessness of his life as a result of these visions.

He undergoes a profound change, he becomes a good and affectionate man again, he regains the goodness lost for many years as a result of a dramatic event (his sister's death).

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3. "A Christmas Carol" detailed summary

"A Christmas Carol" begins with information about the death of Marley, Scrooge's partner "a. We have the opportunity to learn about the character of the main character, who is tough in dealing with other people and in business.

Scrooge is cold, rude, does not enter into deep relationships, nor does he sympathize with anyone or help anyone. Money is the center of interest for him, it is the most important for him. He will stop at nothing to get it.

On Christmas Eve Scrooge "visits his nephew to invite his uncle to Christmas dinner. He, however, refuses, does not want to celebrate and intends to spend the day alone. After his nephew leaves, to Scrooge" and people collect donations for the sick and needy, but the main character does not think to support them.

He asks Scrooge "and his employee for financial help, but he, although he has a lot of money, has no intention of helping him. He believes that it is foolish to keep such a large family off his low salary.

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After returning home, he is haunted by his deceased partner. She warns him to change his life and open up to others. He himself did not manage to do it during his lifetime and now he has to repent for his actions. He wished Scrooge hadn't ended up like this.

He tells him that three ghosts will visit him that night. It happens just as the spirit of the coworker foretells - the first one to haunt him is a ghost with the face of a young man. It is the spirit of past holidays. She tells Scrooge that he has come to improve. She shows him his previous Christmas Eve.

The next spirit - called the spirit of present holidays, shows Scrooge "how his employee and nephew spend the holidays. The spirit also shows the miserly two children, a girl and a boy, calling them Poverty and Darkness.

The last ghost is the spirit of the future holidays, and the image he shows to the miser scares him the most. In this vision, Scrooge is dead, and after his death, no one laments, his grave is abandoned and neglected. He also sees that his employee's son dies due to the lack of timely financial assistance and how much his family is suffering because of it.

All these visions make a great impression on Scrooge and the protagonist is incredibly happy when he wakes up after the visit of the last ghost. From that moment on, he becomes a completely different person.

He helps everyone, he is kind, good and generous. He realizes that he has accumulated wealth without any sense, while there are so many needy around. He opens up to others and never wants to be alone again.

"A Christmas Carol" is a warning to all those who value money and wealth above all else. It shows that it is impossible to be happy living only for yourself, not noticing others and being closed to other people.

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