Oatmeal. A shameful disease about which we still know too little

Oatmeal is one of the most commonly diagnosed parasitic diseases of the digestive system. It is common all over the world. The youngest children are primarily at risk, especially in preschool and early school age.

Pinworms cause the disease and become infected when the invasive eggs are swallowed. The problem is perceived as embarrassing, which favors the growth of myths and false beliefs around it. However, experts argue that in children, pinworm is a very common disease and most often it is not related to neglect on the part of parents.

- Oatmeal is often associated with a lack of hygiene, but this is due to the fact that young children do not yet have established hygiene habits. In addition, many parents are still ashamed of reporting this disease in the immediate vicinity of an infected child. As a result, pinworms can be chronic - notes Dr. Jolanta Popielska, a pediatrician and infectious diseases specialist.

1. Symptoms of pinworms

The main symptom of the disease is anal itching, which bothers children most at night. It is caused by female nematodes who travel to the area to lay their eggs. This promotes scratching and reinfection through contaminated skin on the hands. The so-called buttocks may also appear. quarrels, i.e. linear superficial scratches.

Anal itching also causes irritation. The child sleeps restlessly, wakes up frequently, which makes the night rest ineffective. The consequence of this is fatigue, pale skin and its darkening around the eyes, hyperactivity. Sometimes there is a deterioration in appetite, the consequence of which is poor weight gain.

In the minds of many people, the symptoms of pinworms are also: vomiting, nausea, fever and rash. However, this is not true. However, there are more such false beliefs about this disease. The bezowsików.pl educational and information campaign is to help in the fight against them. Its aim is to promote reliable information on pinworm, including information on the principles of preventing the spread of the disease.

2. Treatment of pinworms

Contrary to appearances, diagnosing the disease is not easy. - Fecal parasitological examination gives very low effectiveness in detecting nematodes. The most important thing in the diagnosis of pinworms is to keep a close eye on the baby. The main symptom of infection, i.e. itching around the anus, is so characteristic that it should not go unnoticed by the caregiver. If we notice this behavior in a child, in the morning, before the toddler uses the toilet, carefully inspect the area around the anus. Pinworms are centimeter white nematodes that can be observed with the naked eye - suggests Dr. Jolanta Popielska.

It is recommended to treat all household members at the same time. To eliminate parasites it is necessary to take medications. The most commonly used preparation is pyrantel. The treatment must be repeated two or three times.

You should also remember to follow the basic rules of hygiene and to intensify them. It is recommended that you wash your hands frequently with hot soapy water, especially before meals. During the therapy, bed linen and towels should be changed every day, washed at high temperatures, and then ironed. The child's fingernails must be cut short. At night, it is worth wearing tight-fitting panties, which should make scratching and spreading invasive pinworm eggs a bit more difficult.

Every day the child should be bathed (it is recommended to wash intimate places twice a day). Oatmeal should never be underestimated by parents. Its symptoms are very tiring for a toddler and may hinder his proper development. It also happens, but rarely, that pinworm can cause appendicitis or peritonitis, and recurrent vulvitis in girls.

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