"Pan Tadeusz" - a summary of the national epic

"Pan Tadeusz", a summary worth reading as part of the revision for the secondary school-leaving examination, is a Polish national epic by Adam Mickiewicz. Interestingly, the work did not immediately gain readers' approval at the time of its release. Today it is a must-read that you need to know.

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1. "Pan Tadeusz" - summary of books I and II

Young Tadeusz returns from school in Vilnius to his hometown of Soplicowo. The owner of the manor house is its guardian, Judge Soplica. There are many guests at the property who came for the trial of the old castle. Its owner was the magnate Stolnik Horeszko. The trial takes place between the last relative of Horeszka, the Count and Sędzia Soplica.

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. When Tadeusz enters the room that once belonged to him, he notices that a young girl must live in it. Zosia notices the young man and runs away, scared.

In the evening, there is a festive feast during which certain rules apply. The Judge gives a speech about them. The Podkomorzy also express their opinion, indicating the need to cultivate Polishness.

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During the feast, Tadeusz tries to seduce Telimen. It seems to him that he saw her in the morning in his old room.The assessor makes him aware that the woman is his aunt (later it turns out that they are not related).

A bear hunt takes place in Soplicowo. It has left the nursery. The animal was shot by priest Robak, thus saving the Count from an attack by a wild animal.

Gerwazy, the old Horeszków key keeper, tells the Count the family's history. He mentions the events that led to a dispute between Soplice and Horeszki.

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2. The story of Jacek Soplica

Jacek Soplica was a brawler and adventurer in his youth. He made friends with Stolnik Horeszko and fell in love with his daughter, Ewa (with reciprocity!). When he was about to ask Stolnik for his beloved's hand, he mentioned his plans for her: he wanted to marry her to the castellan. In despair, Soplica escapes from the castle.

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Soplica eventually married a noblewoman whom he did not love. From this relationship, Tadeusz was born. The woman died shortly after giving birth. Jacek fell into alcoholism, which, combined with his hot-tempered nature, led him to a tragedy. One night, in a fit of anger, he came to the Horeszko castle under attack by the Muscovites. When Stolnik repelled the attack, Soplica seized the dead Russian's gun and shot Horeszka.

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This event radically changed his life. He gave up his son for upbringing, and he joined the Polish Legions. When he was injured, he had to leave the army. He joined the Bernardine Order and took the name of Father Robak. He became Napoleon's secret emissary.

3. "Pan Tadeusz" - summary of books III-XII

Jankiel's inn is visited by Father Robak. He urges the nobility gathered there to take care of Lithuania's preparation to receive Napoleon's approaching troops.

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Gerwazy persuades the backwater of the Dobrzyńskis to attack Soplicowo. The Russians stationed in the area, who captured the nobility from Dobrzyn, arrive at the site of the battle. Father Robak comes to the rescue together with the leader of the Dobrzyński family, Maciek on Maćki. The friar is hit by a bullet. In the evening he asks for confession. On his deathbed, he confesses to Gerwazy that he is Jacek Soplica.

Tadeusz and Hrabia left Soplicowo to fight in the Polish Legions. After a year, they return to the manor house. The engagement of Tadeusz and Zosia takes place, during which all the gathered guests dance a polonaise.

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