Baked oatmeal pancakes in the version for the youngest - try this tasty recipe with the use of porridge!

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The period of diversifying the diet is unique in many respects. Getting to know previously unknown tastes and smells and developing the sense of touch from month to month opens the toddler to new experiences related to food. Serving cereal porridges is a great opportunity for the child to try meals in various versions. Discover a delicious recipe for oatmeal pancakes that will surely appeal to many little gourmets!

Varied and valuable meals are a very important element of a properly balanced menu already in infancy. The variety in the bowl or on the plate encourages the toddler to try new flavors, and thus - builds the foundation for proper eating habits in the future.

Kaszki are delicate cereal meals that support parents in introducing new products to their child's diet.

Kaszki intended for the youngest - that is, those with age indication on the packaging - contain a variety of grains, each of which passes even several hundred quality and safety tests. Their nutritional value complies with the legal requirements, thanks to which infants and young children receive a meal tailored to their needs at various stages of development.

An example of cereal products suitable for children are BoboVita PORCJA ZBÓŻ. In addition to being a good choice, they even contain 7 types of carefully selected varieties of cereals. They are characterized by 0% added sugar [1], as well as 0% preservatives [2], 0% dyes [2] and 0% flavor enhancers [2] for this product category. These are valuable propositions that will greatly diversify the baby's menu - do you know that they will also work well in an unusual edition?

Baked oatmeal pancakes with cottage cheese and banana for infants after 8 months of age

To prepare about 10 pieces of fritters you will need:

• ½ glass of BoboVita porridge CEREALS PORTION non-dairy porridge with rice after 6 months of age

• 120 g of cream cheese

• 50 g banana fruit puree after 4 months of age

• 1 egg

• 10 g of butter

• ½ teaspoon of baking soda

Preheat the oven to approx. 180 degrees Celsius. In a bowl, mix the porridge with the baking soda. In a separate vessel, combine the butter, fruit puree, egg and cottage cheese with a mixer or blender. Put the mass into a bowl with dry ingredients and mix until a compact and homogeneous consistency is obtained. Form about 10 balls and place them on a baking tray covered with baking paper. Gently flatten each ball. Bake the prepared pancakes for about 20 minutes, until golden brown. Ready!

[1] They contain naturally occurring sugars derived from cereals, fruits and milk.

[2] Pursuant to the provisions of the law, porridges for infants and young children may not contain preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers.

Important information: It is recommended to continue breastfeeding while introducing complementary foods. Breastfeeding should continue for as long as desired by mother and baby. Breastfeeding is best for your baby.

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