First love

The first love in a child's life is a huge event. Parents should not be surprised that their child behaves like an adult, because she watches her parents and learns from them love behavior. It often happens, however, that the love of children is not directed towards their peers, but towards their parents. It is normal for a child to "fall in love" with mum or dad, because for a long time they are the most important people in a toddler's life. A natural stage in the first love of a preschooler or student is also heartbreak, which ends the first passionate feeling.

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1. First love - "love" in kindergarten

A preschool child is very loving. He often "falls in love" and experiences various love fascinations. Parents wonder where so many feelings characteristic of adults come from in such a small child. Well, the child learns most of the behaviors from his parents - including the emotional ones. If a preschooler sees that parents often hug and kiss each other, dad brings flowers to his mother, he wants to imitate their behavior. The toddler wants to act and feel like an adult, which is why he often falls in love.

The strongest feeling, of course, is first love. For a child it is a very serious experience that introduces "chaos" into his stabilized life. Often, such a preschooler is exposed to the jokes of colleagues who are reluctant to relationships. Therefore, it is imperative that the toddler finds support from his parents. The first love of a preschooler should therefore not become the object of jokes or mockery of his guardians. Nor can they underestimate the feeling that arose in their child. Although it is impermanent and will end soon, it has a very important impact on the emotional development of a preschooler and subsequent love fascinations.

2. Love according to children

It is often the case that children's first love is directed towards their parents. Children often declare that they will "marry their mom or dad" in the future. This is a natural behavior that arises from the children's fascination with their parents. In the early stages of life, they are the most important people they spend the most time with, so it's no surprise that they direct their feelings towards them. Children are often jealous when they see their parents hug or kiss each other because they would like to be in their shoes. Caregivers of such children should not worry about falling in love with their children. It is a natural behavior at a certain age that wears off over time. You need to explain to the child that marriage with mom or dad is impossible for many reasons, e.g. they are separated by too much age difference, the parent already has a partner, family members cannot get married. The child must also be told that in a few years he will meet the chosen one or the chosen one of his life.

3. The child's heartbreak

Heartbreak is a natural thing in the case of first love and later fascinations in kindergarten or school. This is because first feelings are always momentary and impermanent. However, even such "loves" of our children cannot be underestimated. When we see that our child is sad, withdrawn and absent, we need to help him. Our child's broken heart needs support. It is necessary to talk seriously and explain to the child that relationships often break up and people enter into new relationships.

You can also tell him about your love affairs before meeting your spouse. Before that, you met a lot of people and entered into various male-female relationships. Your partner can also tell you about your love affairs. Don't underestimate your child's feelings and emotions. For him, they are as serious as love problems for an adult, and even more important because a child does not have as many experiences as a mature person.

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