Thanks to the teacher - wishes for the end of the year

We usually prepare our thanks for the teacher at the end of the school year. In this way, we want to express our gratitude for the effort put into the education of our children. In what form is it best to convey your wishes?

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Thanks to the teacher can be in the form of a poem. They are written on a card or recited. They are individual, from each student separately, or in the classroom.

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1. Thanks to the teacher: four suggestions

We publish a few poems that are perfect for expressing gratitude to teachers at the end of the school year.

We want to pass on heartfelt thanks for great patience, unheard of forbearance and a lot of effort in shaping our worldview.

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You are real to us an example of what a teacher should be - kind, good, wise and patient. We are grateful for the effort put in into our science. We wish you success in life professional and personal.

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Dear Teacher! Thank you for all your efforts, which you put into our upbringing and education. We believe that this effort will make us wise and noble people. Thank you for the everyday, extremely difficult and arduous building of our interiors.

For a heart, a smile, a good word, encouragement to work when nothing has gone wrong and praise when all was going well. For helping us discover what we are best at and convincing that we can do more than we expect. For showing us that we matter and are important. For being in so many situations we could always count on you. Thank you!

2. In what form should the teacher thank you?

There are many ways to express gratitude to a teacher. You can go classic by giving a bouquet of flowers and a card with a poem. Such a souvenir will last for years. You can also take a class photo, place it in a frame and give it to the teacher.

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In recent years, small gifts for teachers have become popular. These include fountain pens, personalized pens, tea sets or gift vouchers, e.g. for a jeweler. Most often, such gifts are given at the end of early childhood education, eighth grade or just before the final exams. They express gratitude from the entire class.

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