"Let's all go to the stable" - text of one of the most beautiful Christmas carols

"Let's all go to the stable" is an extremely popular Christmas carol in Poland. It has been sung for centuries. She is joyful and her words are easy to remember, which is why she is especially fond of children.

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According to the researchers, the words of the Christmas carol "Let's all go to the stable" were written in the 17th century. The marching melody is definitely younger, because it was created in the 20th century. It is not known who is the author of the text of one of the most popular Christmas carols in Poland.

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1. "Let's all go to the stable" - words of the carol

Let us all go to the stable, to Jesus and the Lady Let us greet the little one and Mary, his Mother Let us greet the little one and Mary, his Mother

Rejoice, beloved Jesus, waiting for the Patriarchs He is proclaimed by the prophets, he is desired by the nations He is proclaimed by the prophets, he is desired by the nations

Hello, Child in the manger, we confess God in you Something was born tonight to deliver us from the devil's power Something was born that night to deliver us from the devil of power

Hail Jesus, come to us, hail twice born Once with the Father, ages before the age, and now with the mother, a man Once from the Father, ages before the age, and now from the mother, a man

2. What is worth knowing about Polish Christmas carols?

In the past, Christmas carols were not religious. The songs of this species were wishes for prosperity and fertility. They were sung by the Balkan Slavic peoples, from where this custom spread to Poland.

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It is difficult to say when Christmas carols became an integral part of Christmas. Most likely, they began to arise among the Franciscans. The first mentions of them can be found in 16th-century religious songs, printed in the publishing houses of Łazarz Andrysowic and Siebeneicher.

"As early as 1533, Stanisław Hozjusz w Confessio fidei catholice writes that Polish singing in the church during the Christmas season is a practice that has been practiced for a long time. This is evidenced by the fact that the oldest Polish Christmas carol is considered to be the song "Zdrów lub, Królu angelski" - we read in Agnieszka Katarzyńska's article "Polish Christmas carols - their history, development and significance in national culture." A study on selected examples of various historical periods ”.

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Christmas carols are an extremely rich source of knowledge about old customs, the Polish language and the political situation of the country. They preserve a whole lot of tradition and Polish history.

In the culture of our country, an extraordinary place is occupied by the 18th-century Christmas carol "God is born", the original title of which is "Song of the Lord's Birth". Its author is Franciszek Karpiński, who in the last stanza wove a patriotic thread into the words of the carols - a request for the blessing of Poland (which was not on the maps at the time) and Poles.

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One of the younger Polish Christmas carols is "Mizerna cicha", written by Teofil Lenartowicz.

Researchers also noticed that some epochs in the history of Poland had certain carols ascribed to them, for example in the 17th century the song "Lulajże Jezuniu" was popular due to the custom of rocking the statue of the Baby Jesus.

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Carols occupy an important place in our culture. We are happy to sing them at Christmas both at home and in church. They also carry a great cultural wealth. There are many archaisms in them, thanks to which we can find out what changes have occurred in the Polish language over the years.

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