Pomponius - name. Origin, meaning, name days, famous people

1. Name day

Pomponius is celebrating his name day on April 30th.

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2. Pomponius - diminutives

The most popular diminutives are: Pomponiuszek, Pomponiuszy, Pompuś, Pompunio, Pompusio, Pomi, Pomiś, Pomko, Pomcio, Pomko.

3. Pomponius - origin and meaning

It is a masculine name of Latin origin, meaning "pompous, gorgeous."

4. Pomponius - equivalents in different languages

  • Latin - Pomponius
  • English - Pomponius
  • German - Pomponius
  • Italian - Pomponio.

5. Pomponius - famous people with this name

  • Pomponius Mela (Titus Pomponius Mela) - Roman geographer, author of the work "On the position of the three books of the world", also known as "De chorographia" (the oldest geographic treatise written in Latin, fully preserved to our times)
  • Julius Pomponius Letus (known as Giulio Pomponio Leto): Italian humanist, founder of the Accademia Romana
  • Pomponius Flakkus - Roman consul, proconsul of Syria
  • Titus Pomponius Atticus: Roman scholar, writer and publisher
  • Pomponius Aelian Aelianus - leader of the uprising in Gaul during the reign of Emperor Diocletian
  • Pomponius Porphyrio - grammar and author.

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