Ideas for preschooler boredom

When a 3-4-year-old child goes to kindergarten, his life is transformed. He spends most of the day among children, learning new skills and becoming independent. His mental, physical and emotional development is gaining momentum.

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During preschool classes, his brain and senses perceive many new stimuli, a lot of information that he will have to process, understand and remember. If the preschoolers are well prepared for work, the children have such an organized schedule of activities and games that they have no chance of being bored. Should parents at home also fill their free time so tightly?

In order to organize the newly acquired information and experiences, the child needs peace. This does not mean silence and deep reflection at all. It is enough not to require him to concentrate or focus on a new "problem" for some time. Therefore, it is not advisable that the preschooler's free time should be strictly filled with extracurricular activities and attractions. It is then easy to induce fatigue in him.

Parents must remember that playtime for preschoolers is just as important as study time. Moreover, at this stage of a child's development, education should take place alongside play.

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"I'm bored, I have nothing to do," say the children, thus persuading adults to play together.

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When a toddler returns home after a day of learning and contacts with peers, he should have a chance to rest. It does not need to be organized for him. It is best to leave the child a free hand to discover for himself what he wants to do at the moment, which of his needs he wants to satisfy. It is possible that he will come to sit on his lap and talk. It is possible that he will fall asleep.

Movement games are also a form of relaxation and rest for the preschooler. When the child feels like it, and the weather allows it, parents should take the toddler outside, so that he can discharge the accumulated energy without hesitation.

What these games will look like depends to a large extent on his needs, which an adult should respect. If the weather does not allow you to go out and the child cannot sit still, parents should look for a well-equipped, safe playroom in the area.

This is a good way to use energy, make new friends (also for the parent). Preschoolers need contacts with other children, especially when there are winter breaks, holidays, breaks in preschool contacts. Then the child, deprived of the company and the organizer of activities at the same time, may become intensely bored.

However, in the case of a preschooler, fighting boredom should be limited. Parents should not try to keep their toddler busy. They should not provide him with ready-made ideas and solutions.

It does not have a positive effect on the child's development. It inhibits his independence, the ability to interpret his own emotions and needs, and leaves no room for his own invention and imagination. When organizing games for children at home and outside, it is best to inspire, accompany, support and, above all, love.

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