Roasted cocoa beans - a remedy for grief

Nuts and chocolate in one, i.e. roasted cocoa beans, is a snack worth enriching your diet. Their dry and bittersweet taste is an excellent alternative to classic chocolates.

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Roasted cocoa beans hit Polish tables by storm. And rightly so, because they have many health properties.

1. Cocoa for the heart

Cocoa beans boast a high content of magnesium - an element that supports the work of the heart. Magnesium, together with calcium, is responsible for the proper intensity and frequency of contractions and relaxation of the most important muscle in the body.

What's more, the high magnesium content in roasted cocoa beans affects the work of the pituitary gland. It is a kind of hormone factory and is responsible for their proper level.

Adequate magnesium in the body also alleviates the effects of stress, improves brain function, and improves the digestive and immune systems.

In addition, cocoa beans, thanks to the content of chromium, stabilize the carbohydrate metabolism - regulate blood sugar levels. There is an ingredient in cocoa beans called anandamide, which is not found in other plant sources.

2. Cocoa beans in the fight against cancer

Another important and valued ingredient in cocoa beans (also roasted) are antioxidants. We are talking here mainly about anthocyanins, which destroy free radicals and thus delay the aging process of the body and prevent neoplastic changes.

The roasted cocoa beans also contain other antioxidants - catechins. Their systematic consumption improves the regeneration process of the body after exercise. They are also proven to add energy and vitality. Therefore, they should be consumed by exhausted and weakened people.

3. Roasted cocoa for concentration

Caffeine and theobromine - it is these substances that the roasted cocoa beans give their stimulating effect. Moreover, theobromine dilates the blood vessels, facilitating blood flow.

But it is not everything. Roasted cocoa beans are also a rich source of zinc, iron, manganese, chromium and calcium. People struggling with anemia, fatigue, exhaustion should enrich their diet with them. One serving a day has a positive effect on concentration and improves mood. It is also thanks to a substance called anandamide, which is naturally produced in the body after exercise, when we feel euphoric.

4. Where to buy roasted cocoa beans?

Cocoa beans are available both in stationary stores and online.We usually buy them in small health food stores, but more and more often they can also be found in large chain stores on the shelves with natural products.

Roasted cocoa beans can be eaten as a snack at work. Crushed, they will be a great addition to granola, muesli or porridge. They can also be added to cakes and cookies.

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