Before school

When our toddler turns 3, we start to consider whether the time has come for the so-called pre-school education. If the child's development is going well, most likely we can decide to send him to kindergarten. Our decision should be carefully considered before enrollment in kindergarten begins. Their selection is huge. We have public and private kindergartens. For this, there are many profiled outlets. There are language and ecological kindergartens, Montesorri kindergartens, and Steiner kindergartens. How to choose the right one?

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    • * First of all, we should:
  1. To answer the question what our child and us need.
  2. Determine the minimum requirements that the facility should meet.
  3. Select the kindergartens that we take into account. It is good to pay attention to such "trifles" as the distance from the house, whether we are on the way to it, is there a playground, etc.
  4. We should carefully read the websites of selected institutions, including galleries and events, timetables and contacts. Remember, however, that this is only the stage of collecting general information.
  5. If we decide to choose an "alternative" facility, we should carefully read the chosen method of education, so as not to let the "half-product" be pressed into ourselves.
  6. With general understanding and detailed questions, let's go on a site visit. Let's look at all the angles. Let's take a look at what the activities and free time are like, both in the hall and in the yard (a dvd story or uncontrolled madness are not a good sign). Let us ask about everything that interests us.
  7. Let's look for the opinions of parents and children who already know the kindergarten we have selected from autopsy.
  8. We must take advantage of the open days.
  9. Make sure that the kindergarten allows adaptation visits with the child and that in the first weeks after the start of the school year, it will be possible to accompany the child as needed.
  10. Being in kindergarten, let's pay attention to how the educators talk to us, how they relate to children, let's take a look at how to communicate with parents who already use their "services".
  11. It is very important to check how the broadly understood child safety is taken care of in kindergarten!
  12. Let us also not forget to take into account the opinion of our offspring about the kindergarten we have chosen.

Remember that not all that glitters is gold. Unfortunately, kindergartens are still easy to find, where all activities are limited to "drying pockets" of parents and creating appearances. More important than a beautiful appearance, a multitude of activities and a variety of revolutionary educational methods are heart, enthusiasm, knowledge, sense of mission, and above all, love and respect for children. When this is not enough, the most sophisticated additional activities and colorful walls will not help.

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