Bible parables. What is worth knowing about them?

Bible parables are a source of much inspiration. These are not only religious texts with which Christ wanted to convey universal content.

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1. Biblical parables - definition

A parable, or a parabola, is a narrative work. It is typical of moralistic literature. Its characteristic feature is a schematically shaped plot. The heroes of parables exist only to explain universal truths: philosophical, moral.

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The structure of the parable brings to mind fairy tales (cf. "The Ugly Duckling" or "The Little Match Girl"). In both genres, the plot is schematically shaped: the world is black and white, and the characters serve a moral interpretation. However, there is a difference - fairy tales often contain elements of the fantasy world.

The biblical parables have a didactic purpose. Their task is to teach in moral and religious matters. In order to understand the parable, it is necessary to decipher the allegorical and symbolic meaning.

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Bible parables are also a rich source of literature. It shapes personal models, e.g. of the good Samaritan. There are also many expressions in the language, the source of which can be found in biblical parables, e.g. widow's penny, light under a bushel, good shepherd.

2. The parable of the sower

Jesus told the people around him the story of a sower who went out to sow the seed. Some of the seeds fell on the road and were trampled on or eaten by the birds. Those that germinated on the rock withered because they had no access to water. Still others fell among the thorns, where they grew, "choked" the grain. Only those grains, which were hot on fertile soil, gave an abundant harvest.

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3. The Good Samaritan

A man was mugged on his way to Jericho. He was robbed, beaten and left behind. The priest walked by, but did not stop. The man Levite did not help either. Only the Samaritan, who saw him lying, showed mercy. He took the man to the inn and paid for the care of the sick man.

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4. The prodigal son

A man had two sons. The younger demanded half of the property from his father and decided to leave the family home. He squandered money and began to suffer from scarcity. He starved and fed pigs (which was a disgraceful occupation at the time). He decided to return to the family farm. He wanted to humble himself before his father and God, admit his faults and beg forgiveness.

The father received his son with open arms. He also ordered his servants to bring him new clothes and feed him, and organize a festive party. This man's behavior was not understood by his older son. He had a sense of injustice.

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