Recruitment to primary schools and kindergartens 2021

As every year, recruitment to primary schools and kindergartens starts in spring. In different cities in the country, the dates are slightly different, and the first registration began at the end of February. What is registration for primary schools and kindergartens in 2021?

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1. Recruitment to primary schools 2021

Registration for primary schools and kindergartens has started. This year, children born in 2014 are subject to compulsory education.Schedules of admission to the first grades depend on a specific city, because each commune sets its own schedule.

In most Polish cities, recruitment started on March 1, but it is not a rule - recruitment started in Białystok on February 24, and in Łódź it will not start until April 1.

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Parents of children born in 2014 are required to enroll them in a primary school in their circuit or to a school outside the circuit on designated dates, if vacancies remain after the enrollment of children living in the circuit.

Children from 2015 may also be enrolled in the first grade if their parents so wish. In such a case, in addition to the application, they should submit an opinion from a psychological and pedagogical counseling center about the possibility of sending a six-year-old child to primary school in the secretariat of the selected school.

In 2021, parents have the opportunity to enroll their children both electronically and traditionally, leaving documents at a selected educational institution.

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2. Recruitment to kindergartens and kindergarten units in schools 2021

In 2021, parents of children born in 2015-2018 have the option to enroll them in preschool institutions. In the case of children currently attending kindergarten, only the declaration of continuing pre-school education in a given institution is sufficient.

In the case of joining the recruitment, the priority to enter the kindergarten is given to children from large families, with a certified disability or to children of single parents.

As in the case of enrollment in primary schools, parents can enroll their children both electronically and traditionally by bringing the documents to the selected institution.

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