"Romeo and Juliet": a summary of the drama

Romeo and Juliet, which we will discuss in this article, is a drama by William Shakespeare. The piece is one of the most popular tragedies staged on the boards of terraces around the world.

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At the very beginning of the play, we learn that the subject of the play is a conflict between two Verona families, the love of two young people who come from conflicted families, and the death of those in love.

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1. "Romeo and Juliet" - summary

There is an argument between the representatives of the house of Kapuletów and Monteki, which ends in a sword fight. The prince who arrived at the scene threatened that if the situation repeats itself, the adventurers will be sentenced to death.

Romeo of the Monteki family is unhappily in love. He can't sleep, he's depressed. He confides in Benwoli, his cousin, who advises him to change the object of his feelings.

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The capulet talks to Count Parys about his daughter Julia. He is persuaded to marry her, but is against it because the girl is only 14 years old. He asks the count to wait 2 years, then he will give him back Julia's hand. She also invites him to a dance feast to be held in the evening. Romeo and Bewolio also learn about her. They decide to appear in the salons of the eternal enemy of their family.

The young men come to the Monteki house wearing masks (which does not arouse suspicion, because it is a masked ball). So they cannot be recognized.

Romeo sees Juliet. He is delighted with her beauty. When he addresses a servant, his voice recognizes Tybalt. When he wanted to reach for a weapon, Capulet stops him. She says the boy is being polite and not causing any trouble.

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Romeo is talking to Juliet. Innocent conversation quickly turns into flirting. The boy kisses Julia. When he finds out who he is, he says, "My life is therefore in the hand of my enemy."

Juliet on the balcony admits her feelings for Romeo. She doesn't know that the boy hears her confession. When it comes out, young people confess to themselves that their love is so strong that they are willing to risk their lives for it. Julia does not fully believe it and requires evidence from the young man. It is to be a love letter delivered by a messenger.

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Romeo goes to Father Laurent for advice. She confides in him out of love for Julia and asks the monk to marry them.

Juliet's nurse meets Romeo on one of the streets of Verona. Through her, the boy transmits a message to his beloved - their wedding will take place the next afternoon in Brother Laurent's cell.

Juliet meets Romeo at an agreed place. They greet each other fondly. The monk intends to give them the sacrament of marriage.

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In the city square of Verona, representatives of the conflicting families meet again. Romeo also takes part in the duel. As the men begin to fight, Tybalt hits Merkuć over Romeo's shoulder. The wound turns out to be fatal. A furious Romeo kills Tybalt. He runs away from the crime scene, where after a while Prince Escalus shows up. Benwolio explains that Tybalt was the culprit of all the confusion. Mrs. Capulet does not agree with this and demands that the guilty death of her nephew be punished. The prince exile Romeo.

Romeo is hiding in Brother Laurent's cell. The nurse brings him a ring from Julia and informs him about the girl's suffering. The friar presents his plan: he wants Romeo to say goodbye to Juliet and go into exile in Mantua. At the right moment, the friar will inform both families about the wedding of the young and will reconcile them.

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Julia's father changes his mind and decides to marry her to Count Parys. The ceremony is planned for next Thursday. These plans are presented by Julia's mother. He also informs her that Romeo in Mantua is to receive poison from the hands of a mysterious murderer. When a girl refuses to get married, her parents decide to force her to do so.

Julia goes to her father Laurent for advice. The monk suggests to her that on the eve of the wedding, she should drink a mixture that will allow her to fall asleep that "resembles death". Romeo, informed by the friar, will come to Verona and take the sleeping girl from the grave. Julia agrees and takes a bottle of the mixture from the monk.

Julia drinks the herbs. In the morning the nurse finds her unconscious in bed. The whole family mourns. Laurenty's father orders the girl's "body" to be brought to church.

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The news of Juliet's death reaches Romeo, who is staying in Mantua. The boy is desperate. He decides to return to Verona and commit suicide with his beloved. He buys poison.

Brother John informs Father Laurent that a letter has not been delivered that would tell Romeo that Juliet is alive and that her death has been faked.

Count Parys appears at the cemetery, followed by Romeo at Juliet's tomb. There is a fight between the men, as a result of which the count dies. Romeo drinks the poison.

When Julia wakes up, she sees her dead husband. Out of despair, she stabs herself with his dagger and dies. Laurent's father informs the lovers' fathers that he had given them a wedding before. He accuses the representatives of the families of causing the tragedy.

At the graves of deceased lovers, the conflicting families are reconciled. The capulet extends his hand to Monteki.

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