Wolverine - who is he, what does he look like and does he live in Poland?

Wolverine is the largest terrestrial representative of the mustel family. It prefers an itinerant lifestyle in isolation, has an unbridled appetite and eats mainly carrion. What does wolverine look like and does it live in Poland?

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1. Wolverine - what kind of animal is it?

Wolverine is a mammal - a predator that lives on land. It belongs to the mustel family, of which it is one of the largest representatives. He fits very well in winter conditions - his body is covered with fur and his feet are exceptionally wide, which allow him to move quickly and freely on powdery snow.

It is a very voracious and not very picky animal - usually omnivorous, but most often it eats carrion.The daily diet of a wolverine can vary depending on where they live - Scandinavian populations primarily eat reindeer, elk and deer, while Alaskan citizens choose carrion from whales and seals.

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2. Wolverine - description

In the past, a wolverine was considered an animal related to a dog or a bear, and was also considered to be aggressive. In fact, a wolverine is not an aggressive mammal, it is a wanderer with a very active lifestyle - it only spends about 3-4 hours a day on rest.

Due to this lifestyle, scientists have a difficult task to learn about wolverine. They know that a wolverine has very poor eyesight, but that other senses are well-developed - his sense of smell and hearing are almost perfect.

3. What does a wolverine look like?

A lot can be said about the appearance of the wolverine - it is about 80 cm long and 50 cm high at the withers. It has a relatively short tail - 20-50 cm.

The male in mature age weighs more than 30 kg, his female counterpart has a slightly lower weight - about 25 kg. Wolverines have almost their entire body covered with long-haired brown-gray hair.

The exception is the head, the hair of which is not overgrown, and it has large spots in a light yellow shade (similar to the sides of the animal). Wolverine has very wide feet, thanks to which it does not fall into the snow, and this helps to catch its prey.

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4. Wolverine - interesting facts

Wolverines have large jaws and large teeth that can crush even frozen carcasses or bones. These animals can save too much food for worse days - they hide food in the ground, in trees, in snow, in crevices and rocks. They reach their resources even up to six months after their gathering.

Although the wolverine is small, it can hunt a large moose by itself. Terrible animals with large dimensions, such as bears and wolves, also respect him.

Scientists say that the cause of this behavior may be the unpleasant smell that wolverines emit.

The wolverine fur has been appreciated by the Inuit - they trim the hoods of their jackets with them. Such fur has very beneficial properties - it is not covered with frost formed by the steam exhaled from the mouth.

5. Wolverine - does he live in Poland?

In Poland, the wolverine can be seen only in selected zoos, as this species lives in Scandinavia - mainly in the northern part of Finland, in the north of Siberia and Manchuria. It is less common in the northern part of North America.

He feels best during snowy winters and chooses forests on low hills. He is also very fond of swampy areas. She tries to avoid water, despite the fact that she is great at swimming.

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