Teen sex fun. What are the most popular in Poland?

Do you remember playing the bottle, which the youth used to treat as having a good time at summer camps? The fascination with this game is long gone. Now completely different forms of games are known among teenagers. The most ordinary kiss has long since become unfashionable and boring. And this leads to serious consequences.

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1. It started with the "sun"

It started with the innocently named "sunshine" game, which psychologists consider to be nothing more than a simple orgy. Over the years, its form has changed, creating completely new variations of the game, but all are based on crossing the sexual boundaries that still apply to young people. .

Psychologists and school educators emphasize that such games are popular. Young people mindlessly decide to take part in such "fun" because they do not want to stand out from the group. Experts warn that one of the reasons is the lack of attachment of modern youth to close emotional contacts with their peers.

Mass culture has a great influence on it. The world is full of half-naked celebrities. Sexy clothes, a beautiful body and the crazy life of young stars are all that, according to experts, are easily associated with eroticism.

On internet forums you can find many threads about teen erotic games. We ask: What do you know about erotic games of today's youth?

It didn't take long for a reply. Of course, in the first place was "sun", the next are "Dutch helm", "stone face" (oral sex, observers have to guess who is experiencing pleasure despite the stony faces of players), "rainbow" (painting lips with colored lipsticks, having oral intercourse ), "train" (resembles "sunshine", the only difference is that the players are limited to oral sex only).

The most popular one is "You Wipe". Initially, the participants are randomly selected in pairs. Then they strip naked, and the randomly selected person touches specific parts of the partner's body (from top to bottom). Moving lower and lower with each stage, he asks the question: "Are you wiping out?" As it is easy to deduce, the person who pauses the game loses.

- Young people use various types of sexual games, e.g. by trying to implement some previously unknown sexual techniques or to repeat behaviors observed, e.g. in pornographic films. If teenagers do not have the right role models, pornography can set the norm for them in sexual behavior.

The most popular erotic games of teenagers in Poland (123rf)

- In my opinion, apart from sex education, education on internet safety is needed, because that is where the life of teenagers goes on. Children or teenagers now develop relationships in this way, or experience tragedies of rejection and humiliation. In order to gain popularity and approval, they show themselves too much, without being aware of how their photos and information about them can be used - comments Anna Golan, a sexologist for WP parenting.

2. Research among Polish teenagers

Nowadays, young people for erotic games do not have to meet only in the so-called real. The ubiquity of the internet, social media and countless applications is fueling the development of other types of games. Nowadays, teenagers' sexual life very often begins with going online and looking for various adventures there.

One of the girls on the forum describes: "In my classroom and at school, girls take pictures of themselves massively. And this is for fun, and this is because they lost a bet or a game or because a friend wanted to. Besides, I also got persuaded twice, but this is out of stupidity and I was after a few beers (...) ".

This behavior is extremely popular with teenagers. This is called sexting, which is sending your friends a selfie in sexy poses or showing intimate places. According to research carried out by GfK Polonia, as much as 11 percent, i.e. every ninth Polish teenager (15-18 years old), send others their naked or half-naked photos.

As many as one third of young people admit that they get such photos from their peers. According to the research of the National AIDS Center, 19 percent of people start their sexual life in Poland. teenagers aged 15-16, and 51 percent. between 17-18 years of age. The report of the Center for Social Prevention informs that as many as seven out of ten junior high school students are "for the first time".

- Research by prof. Izdebski indicate that a statistical Pole has sex for the first time when she is 18 years old, a Polish woman just after turning eighteen. The age of initiation is gradually lowered. In 1997, it was 18.4 years for men and 19.3 years for women. Indeed, if we analyze the answers to this question in age groups, fifteen-, sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds declare that they had their first intercourse at the age of 15, while in the age group of 18-24, the initiation took place at the age of 17. But these are still not such alarming and dramatic data - adds sexologist Anna Golan.

Analyzing previous studies, it can be concluded that the average age of sexual initiation among Polish youth is decreasing year by year. And risky sexual behavior, including the lack of a condom, affects as much as 40% during intercourse. teenagers. Should this worry parents and teachers?

- It is worth noting that what delays sexual initiation is sexual education. A young man who has adequate information about his sexuality and the changes taking place in his body and psyche will make the decision to have sex for the first time more consciously. There is a chance that he will take it alone, not under the pressure of a group, boyfriend, etc. Besides, the first intercourse is nothing more than experimenting, discovering the sexual sphere, caressing - it is natural in the teenage years and does not carry the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

- The best thing parents can do is show with their lives that sex, closeness with another person, is an important and beautiful area of ​​life that must be approached with respect. If sex is not a taboo at home, a young person should not seek information about it, for example, by using pornography. And even if he finds her, he will have some critical attitude towards her - recommends the sexologist.

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