The miser: summary and characteristics of the main characters

"Skąpiec", a summary of which you should know, is required reading in high school. This interesting comedy, which is still staged in theaters around the world to this day, initially did not attract much attention. What is it about?

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"The Miser" was first staged in Paris in September 1668. The author himself played the role of the title character. Molière, or rather Jean Baptiste Poquelin, was a French comedy writer who wrote such works as "Saint", "Misanthrope" or "Don Juan". The theater was his whole life, which was clearly expressed by the moment of his death: Molière died on stage while staging the play "Ill with delusions".

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1. "Miser" - a summary of the comedy

Eliza, daughter of Harpagon, the eponymous Miser, wants to marry Valery. Young people, however, are afraid of the parent's reaction. Eliza's brother, Cleant, confides to his sister that he has given love to Marianna, who looks after her ailing mother.

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Harpagon tells his daughter that he plans to marry her to Anselm, a man much older than her, and that he wants to marry Marianna himself. Cleant needs to get money quickly, so he goes to the moneylender, who turns out to be ... his father. The men are arguing.

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Froszyn of the matchmaker Harpagon with Marianna. Contrary to what he promised, he is not paid for it. Marianna appears at Skąpiec's house. She is presented as the host's fiancée. The latter, however, notices that Cleant has feelings for the woman. The men are arguing again.

The arrow tells Kleant that he has dug up Harpagon's treasure in the garden. When the Miser notices the lack of it, he panics. He accuses Valery of the theft, who finally professes love for Eliza. Anselm's true identity is also revealed. It turns out that it is Tomasz d'Alburci, the father of Walery and Marianna. He bribes Harpagon to consent to his children's weddings.

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2. The miser - characteristics of the main characters

The main roles in the comedy are played by:

  • Miser
  • Eliza
  • Cleant
  • Marianna

The title miser is Harpagon, father of Eliza and Cleant. This is a character that does not arouse sympathy. He treats his children badly, does not take their opinion into account. It is economical to the limit, incl. orders to dilute the wine with water or gently rub the dust so as not to damage the furniture. He secretly deals with usury. It does not arouse respect either among loved ones or among the servants.

Eliza is Harpagon's daughter. She loves Valery with reciprocity, who helped her when she was drowning. A woman cannot fight for her happiness because she is very afraid of her father. She doesn't want to go against his will. She is obedient even when he orders her to marry a man much older than she is.

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Cleant is Eliza's brother. He has a lot of debts that he wants to pay off by playing cards, which only makes his situation worse. He is in love with Marianna who also has feelings for him. He often argues with his father.

Marianna is the daughter of the nobleman Anselm, which she learns about only at the end of the drama. He takes care of his ailing mother, which is why she is in a difficult financial situation. Marrying the Harpagon is to help her get out of trouble. The girl, however, is in love with Kleant.

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