Sudetes - peaks, mountain ranges and the greatest attractions

Sudetes - is a mountain range located mainly in south-west Poland and northern Czech Republic and in a small part of Germany. It is also beautiful landscapes, trails and a lot of monuments. What peaks are there in the Sudetes and what is worth seeing while in this region?

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1. Where are the Sudetes?

The Sudetes is a mountain range located in the south-western part of Poland and in the northern part of the Czech Republic. A small part of the mountains is also in Germany. The highest peak in the Sudetes is Śnieżka, 1603 meters above sea level.

In the vicinity of Śnieżka, the temperature remains around 0 ° C or slightly above. It is windy, there are hurricane winds, frequent fogs - even most of the year.Snow usually starts in October and lasts until May. You can find here truly alpine vegetation found in the higher mountains.

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2. Peaks in the Sudetes

The Sudetes are distinguished by exceptionally beautiful landscapes, diverse and interesting routes. Most of the routes are rather easy or medium difficult, which makes them very popular with tourists.

Fans of easier routes will be delighted with hiking in the Stołowe Mountains. More demanding hikers can choose more difficult routes in the Giant Mountains.

The highest peaks in this region are:

  • Śnieżka, 1603 meters above sea level;
  • Total Mountain - 1555 meters;
  • Studzienna Góra - 1554 meters;
  • The Great Szyszak - 1509 meters.

Below 1500 m, the following peaks are listed:

  • Great Grandfather - 1491 meters;
  • Smogornia - 1,491 meters;
  • Łabski Peak - 1471 meters;
  • Vysoká hole - 1465 meters;
  • Petrovy kameny - 1446 meters;
  • Mały Szyszak - 1439 meters;
  • Boiler - 1,435 meters;
  • Śnieżnik - 1,425 meters.

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3. Mountain ranges in the Sudetes

The Sudetes are divided into Western, Central and Eastern Sudetes and a part called Przedgórze Sudeckie.

The following mountain ranges are listed within the Western Sudetes: Lusatian foothills - part Šluknovská pahorkatina, and referring to the German side, Lužická vrchovina, Lusetian Mountains - part Lužické hory, Ještedsko- cz. Kozákovský hřbet, the Zittau Basin - part Žitavská pánev, Jizera Mountains - part Jizerské hory, the Jizera foothills - the Czech Frýdlantská pahorkatina (with reference to the Polish side of Jizerské podhůří), the Giant Mountains - part Krkonoše, Krkonoše Mountains - part Krkonošské podhůří (colloquially also Podkrkonoší), Rudawy Janowickie, Jelenia Góra Valley, Kaczawskie Mountains - Kačavské hory and Kaczawskie Foothills.

The Central Sudetes include such mountain ranges as: Kamienna Góra Valley, Žacléřská vrchovina (Jestřebí hory), Stone Mountains - Vraní hory and Javoří hory, Wałbrzyskie Mountains - Valbřišské hory, Wałbrzyskie foothills or Bolkowsko-Wałleniebrzyskie, - Broumovská kotlina, Lowering of Nowa Ruda, Table Mountains - Stolové hory, Sowie Mountains - Soví hory, Bardzkie Mountains, Kłodzko Valley - Kladská kotlina, Orlické and Bystrzyckie Mountains - Orlické hory, Orlické Foothills - Podorlická pahorkatina (colloquially) Nysa - Kladská kotlina.

The Eastern Sudetes are: Złote i Bialskie Mountains - Rychlebské hory, Śnieżnik Massif - Králický Snìžník, Mohelnická brázda, Zábřežská vrchovina, Hanušovická vrchovina, Vysoké Jesionik - Hrubý Jeseník, Opava and Náký Jeseník Jeseník - Zlatohý Jesenik.

The Sudeten foothills include the following mountain ranges: Strzegom Hills, Świdnica Plain, Ślęza Massif, Podsudeckie Depression, Dzierżoniów Valley, Niemczańsko-Strzelińskie Hills, Otmuchów Depression - Vidnavská nižína, Žulovská Foothills (Paczkowskie).

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4. Attractions in the Sudetes

There are many monuments in the Sudetes, including fortresses, palaces and castles. The most popular is Książ, but also Chojnik, Bolków and the Srebrna Góra Fortress.

In Karpacz, it is worth visiting the unique Wang Temple, made of wood in the 12th century. It was built in southern Norway, but was demolished in the 19th century to reach Berlin. Instead, it ended up in Karpacz.

There are many other attractions worth seeing in the Sudetes, such as the largest cave in the Sudetes, the Bear Cave. A 360-meter-long trail for tourists runs to the middle floor of this fairy-tale cave.

Additionally, you can visit many small villages, such as Międzygórze with its wooden and stone-wooden houses in Tyrolean style, various museums, or visit the miniature park. The region is appreciated by mountain climbing enthusiasts, cycling enthusiasts, skiers, kayaking, paragliding and fishing enthusiasts.

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