The dilemmas of a preschooler's mother

The big day has come. My baby flies out from under my wings. He goes out into the world. He goes to kindergarten. Institutions? Luggage? Or maybe to a real paradise on earth?

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Dominik is three years old. He is a smiling, resolute boy. He loves children, he likes to draw and sing. It is constantly on the move. And since yesterday he is a preschooler.

Everything was well thought out. First, maternity leave, then parental leave, and then parental leave. I am a teacher, the management had no problem finding someone to replace. After three years, however, I started to miss my secondary school students. I wanted to return to my profession. So it's time for a change.

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1. Kindergarten the best of the best

Public or private kindergarten? Or maybe a kids club? No, it has to be kindergarten. Good, proven, reputable, the best. The staff must be competent and empathetic. Meals must be prepared on site, catering disqualified the facility. Large playground, fenced.

It was not easy, but it worked. I found a kindergarten that met my criteria. I enrolled Dominik in the youngest group.

2. On two poles simultaneously

The closer to September, the more doubts I had. And they are mutually exclusive! I felt like a frustrated woman who didn't know what she wanted.

On the one hand, I was excited to get back to work. To the adult world. On the other hand, I felt guilty about putting my child in an educational institution at the age of three.Isn't it too soon? Will she miss me? Will it feel good there? There were a lot of questions.

The situation was not improved by outsiders. My sisters-in-law felt compelled to inform me that I was making a mistake that would affect my child's future.

It is too small, to go out into the world - they judged. In their opinion, a child can get out of the maternal wings only when he begins to be subject to school duties.

Dominik probably had a different opinion. Adaptation classes in kindergarten calmed me down a bit. My son didn't even look back at me, he was having his best. He asked when she would go to the children again.

On August 31, when I was packing his kindergarten layette, I cried. After all, he was "just" born! Until recently, I was breastfeeding him! Maybe I traveled back in time? It can't be that fast.

3. I am a kindergarten teacher ...

When Dominik opened his eyes on September 1, I told him that we were going to kindergarten after breakfast. At this password, the son jumped out of bed and jumped up with joy. No, there was no cry, no regret. The boy even rushed me.

He ate his sandwich, though he could barely sit on the kitchen stool, brushed his teeth, took the backpack over his shoulders, took my hand, and we left. We started a new phase of our life.

It was noisy in the kindergarten corridor. The children laughed, the older groups greeted loudly after the holiday separation. Dominik walked steadily, happily. He put on his kindergarten shoes, gave me a goodbye kiss, quickly gave me a "bye", and that's all I saw him. He didn't hesitate for a second! I wiped a tear stealthily and went to work.

When I was standing at the roll call that started the school year, my thoughts were in kindergarten. I wonder if Dominik had breakfast? Or maybe he didn't like it? O mother! What if he's hungry? Maybe he is crying for me? Who will hug him? I was so preoccupied with my thoughts that I hadn't even noticed when the principal invited the kids to class. I went to say hi to my 1st c. With my high school students. My other children.

And it was then that I realized that they, too, once went to kindergarten, to elementary school. They were getting older and wiser every day. They learned the world, they learned to live in a group.

My son is going to this place too. And I want him to come here as a bold, open and joyful boy.

I was going to pick up my son with my soul on my shoulder. When I entered the kindergarten gate, my heart was beating like crazy. I saw the little ones in the playground. I was looking for my baby. He wasn't at the fence, he wasn't looking for me. He did not cuddle with you, he did not seek comfort from her. He was not alone.

I found him in a sandbox where he and four other children were playing with cars. When he saw me, he was very happy. He gave me a greeting kiss and began his monologue: Mom, I was just playing with Adam and Ola! I have a drawing for you. There were dumplings for dinner, I ate three. And I sang! Mom, Will I come here tomorrow too?

The son also received a greeting card from his tutor. It was written on a poem by Urszula Piotrowska:

Mom at work, dad at work,

sister at school and brother at school,

and I am a preschooler,

I prefer going to kindergarten.

But why? That's why

that when the child is three years old,

it can't sit at home

has to know a lot of the world.

New fairy tales and songs,

and games in a group of children,

even balls and a theater

all, you will find everything here.

Well, these few lines, combined with my child's joy, dispelled all my doubts.

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