"Szewczyk Dratewka". A fairy tale not only for children

"Szewczyk Dratewka" is a fairy tale written by Janina Porazińska. The piece is based on folk tales. It was first published in the 1960s. Today it is one of the most frequently told stories to children, which has received many interpretations.

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1. "Szewczyk Dratewka" - abstract

"Szewczyk Dratewka" is a piece well known to the youngest. Its protagonist is a young and poor shoemaker who wandered around the world repairing broken shoes. He had a very good heart. He helped anyone who needed help, such as ants when a bear had dug up their anthill, or ducks by throwing them pieces of bread. The creatures helped by the shoemaker promised that when he was in need, they would be at his disposal.

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During his wanderings, Szewczyk encountered a castle on his way, in which an evil witch used to live. He found out that she was imprisoning a beautiful girl. Many have already tried to free her, but to no avail. Dratewka decided to try to help.

He knocked on the gates of the castle and demanded that the witch free the girl. The woman agreed, but on the condition that Szewczyk would complete two tasks that she would give him and solve one puzzle. If he fails, he will lose his head. Szewczyk agreed.

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First, the boy was to separate the poppy seeds from the sand, which he had to do until morning. He was devastated because he knew he would not do it himself. Then the ants came to his aid. The job was done.

The next task was to find the key in the pond. And this is where Dratewka got help. The task was helped by the ducks he had once fed.

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In the last task, the witch led the shoemaker to a room where nine virgins were sitting. Their heads were covered and they were dressed in the same way. The boy was to indicate the one who is the imprisoned virgin. Zagdka was helped by the bees that flew in through the window and circled around the right girl, who was once helped by Dratewka to clean the hive.

Szewczyk Dratewka completed all the tasks. The witch turned into a bird and flew away. The rescued girl accepted a proposal. The couple got married and took up residence in the castle.

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2. "Szewczyk Dratewka" as a folk tale

In her work, Janina Porazińska refers to folk oral stories (spoken, told). It was she, however, who gave the name Szewczyk, because he had previously remained anonymous.

The hero of Porazińska's fairy tale is brave, always willing to help and kind. He is poor himself, but willingly shares with others. He does not hesitate to help a maiden imprisoned by an evil witch.

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Although Porazińska's piece was not published until the 1960s, its slightly different version was already more widely known. About the fairy tale, among others, Oskar Kolberg in two volumes of his work "Lud": in the volume "Lubelskie" and in the volume "Krakowskie".

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