These products will minimize your baby's allergy symptoms

1 out of 8 Almond milk instead of animal milk


When an allergic reaction occurs, the body produces mucus. It helps to get rid of allergens present in the blood. Certain foods, such as dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheese, cream), can thicken this mucus temporarily, leading to the retention of allergens in the body.

That is why milk is not a good food if you suffer from allergies, especially those for children, when the body is still developing its resistance to pathogens.

To minimize the presence of allergens in the blood and prevent a violent and severe allergic reaction, it is worth reaching for almond milk.

It is full of vitamins E, those from group B and PP, and minerals such as: magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and manganese. It does not contain casein, which is a hard-to-digest protein found in cow's milk. They can be purchased at health food stores. Suitable for adults and children over seven months of age.

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