The perceptiveness test. Children solve it faster

A meadow full of colorful flowers and one little bee on it. Will you find her? This simple test for perceptiveness is solved by children in no time. Worse with adults. Check yourself.

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1. Perceptiveness in children and adults

Children love to train their perceptiveness, although they usually do it unconsciously. Playing detective, tracking details in books, comparing illustrations and finding inaccuracies in them, observing animals in the forest. These types of activities not only allow you to spend time in an attractive way, but also develop your senses.

Adults usually find this type of play ... boring. That is why the ability of engaged observation, that is, seeing details, in children is more developed.

What's more, perceptiveness in adults is influenced by constant stimulation. Information attacks us from all sides. We are constantly online, we have Facebook on, radio and TV are playing in the background. Wanting to know what is happening in Poland and in the world, we listen to various pieces of information, but - as it turns out - we only absorb some of them. Most fall out of memory for a while after reading them.

All this means that we learn less and with more difficulty. Meanwhile, the mind filters what it does not need. As a result, we perceive more and more spaces, events and images as a whole.

Children do not need to listen to a lot of news as much as adults do. Using their interests, they most often choose what really interests them to play and learn. Thanks to this, they separate important information from the less important ones, and pay attention to details more often than adults. And this, in turn, makes their perceptiveness better.

2. The perceptiveness test

There are hundreds of multi-colored flowers in the picture. The plants are quite similar to each other, and their colors - similar. When we look at a picture, we do not focus on details, we perceive it as a whole. Now look at the picture again and search for what is imperceptible at first glance. This test will show how your brain works. Perhaps you will solve it quickly and find that your perceptiveness is not so bad, nothing is said.

The task is simple. Look at the picture of flowers and find the bee on it. Don't give up if you don't notice it right away, the insect is definitely there.

In the picture, find a bee (Swift Direct Blinds)

The puzzle was developed by Swift Direct Blinds. Its authors argue that no one solved this problem faster than in 8 seconds. And adults who have already tried to solve it say that children are much better at it. If you want to check it, please show the photo to your descendant.

3. Too much information damages perceptiveness

We live in a very loud world, we are constantly in a hurry somewhere, we do not have time to rest. This stimulation affects not only adults but also children. If we add to it flashing pictures in tablets and phones, we get a recipe for perception disorders. Experts say that they affect an increasing number of young people.

In order not to fall into the trap of threats to the modern world and avoid children's difficulties with concentration, learning problems, social withdrawal, slower speech and problems with establishing relationships, it is worth slowing down a bit and following the child's rhythm. The daily routine, contact with nature, sports and frequent walks will help here. It is also worth finding out more about the now popular minimalism, whose main slogan is "less is more".

In the case of children, it is mainly about reducing the number of toys, throwing away "distractions" and reducing unnecessary noise. Adults, on the other hand, can focus more often on what is "here and now". This type of procedure will allow you to set priorities and bring some order to life.

And the picture? Take another look at it and then look at the version below. Is this where you spotted the missing bee?

This test is solved very quickly by children (Swift Direct Blinds)

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