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(123rf) How to raise your child not to expose them to emotional problems

Raising a child is not a simple matter. Parents want their children to grow up to be wise people who will be guided by both their heart and mind in their lives.

What means do we use for this purpose? We show the world, we teach, we allow a lot, we also take a lot, we talk to the child. And here let's stop for a moment.

Communication between parent and child can be complicated. The parent, as an adult, knows a whole range of emotions and feelings. He can communicate them, inform what he wants and define how to achieve it. Meanwhile, a small child or preschooler still has problems with it. His brain is developing intensively, hormones are bursting in the body, periods of rebellion and development spikes appear. This is where the proverbial stairs begin, because the parent is able to explain their emotional problems, and the child cannot. That's why you need to help him.

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