She hid from her partner that she was balding. He slowly gets used to the disease

Tanya Hughes was 22 years old when she was diagnosed with alopecia areata. The woman could not come to terms with the disease, so she hid it from the whole world. Even her partner and her daughter's father did not know about the disease. In the end, she decided to change it.

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1. Hiding alopecia areata from the world

Tanya Hughes could not come to terms with the diagnosis of alopecia areata. She first noticed little bald patches on her head when she was 22 years old. Then there were more and more cavities. Over time, her eyelashes and eyebrows also began to fall out.

Finally, Tanya went to the doctor. After various blood tests, the specialist concluded that alopecia may be caused by stress. Tanya was in the middle of a divorce and she was fighting with her ex-husband for custody of their two children.

2. Living with alopecia areata

Tanya divorced her husband and planned a new life. She met a new man with whom she fell in love. However, she decided to hide her illness from him. She had hair extensions, glued eyelashes and painted eyebrows.

At night, she would get up in front of her lover and "" put herself in order "". Even in the delivery room, when she gave birth to their joint child, she hid the fact of the disease.

In the end, she decided to tell the truth and told about alopecia areata. She made the decision to shave her head bald. "" He told me then that I have a pretty face and I have nothing to be afraid of, "she said in one of the interviews.

Tanya cried while shaving her head and for the next few days. She was afraid of how such a change would affect her surroundings. She did not know how her older children, family and friends would react. As you can imagine, they gave her a lot of encouragement and support.

It was worse with strangers. A young woman without hair is immediately associated with a person suffering from cancer. Tanya explains patiently that it's because of alopecia areata. She hopes that in this way, at least in her own backyard, she will raise awareness about her disease. It is not only tumors that cause alopecia.

It gave Tanya a lot of strength to admit and come to terms with her illness. She feels so confident that she sometimes leaves the house without a wig. She has also joined various support groups where she shares her story and helps others to accept the disease.

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